ZEITGEIST rouse from the ashes of NEURAL GORGE, A.P.D. and BURIAL GROUND, three Grind/Hardcore bands active for some years in the DIY scene of Torino/Italy, the infamous "motor"city that generated the most classic Italian Hardcore bands of the '80s (NEGAZIONE, DECLINO, 5° BRACCIO, NERORGASMO etc)...

The place where ZEITGEIST's story started was at a BRUTAL TRUTH's gig in october 2008. Fefo and Luca, completely astonished by the primitive power and intensity of that show decided to create something new, not meant to be an italian copy of some North European grind bands but something more in a personal vein, influenced by many different genres and keeping the unique approach of Torino's old school Hardcore. In February 2009 the band finally came together as a final result of each member's very different tastes and ideas. By now ZEITGEIST have done several tours through Italy including shows with BLOOD DUSTER and CRIPPLE BASTARDS, and have put out a self/released CD at the end of 2009.

The current band's style is a blistering mixture of glacial fast Grindcore, some bits of melodic Crust/D-Beat all melting into corrosive grind'n'roll grooviness. With their OEF 2011 appearance ZEITGEIST will introduce their new CD coming out as coproduction with FOAD Records, Italy.


The name Zeit Geist take form from the dutch's "spirit of the times" that's the general cultural, intellectual, ethical, spiritual, and political climate within a nation or even specific groups.Obviously we look at this in a critic way,cause we're living in a very shitty period.Zeit Geist were formed by members of some underground bands from Torino,Italy,and now they play "Grind'N'Roll",a strange mix between Grindcore,Sludge and Crust (they REALLY love bands like Sayyadina,Nasum,Skitsystem,Rotten Sound and,of course,Brutal Truth). They were proud to play with Blood Duster,Cripple Bastards,Lycanthrophy and more. Out in 2009,the first self-produced s/t CD was born almost simultaneously with Everything is Fake,a compilation with "28 bands against music business, capitalism, fascism, human's stupidity and other shit like that!" were there are two Zeit Geist's song (a place to... and blees).In early 2011 three Zeit Geist's songs were selected for a compilation under full speed records (Indonesia) and a special edition of the s/t (normal edition plus three new songs) will be presented on summer 2011 under F.O.A.D. records.

ZEIT GEIST line-up :

Bob - vocals

Fefo - bass

Luca - drums

Lorenzo - guitar


Release date Release name Media
2010 Everything Is Fake CD
2010 "Zeit Geist" CD
2009 promo


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