DOBYTČÍ MOR Czech Republic



The name of the following catch for the OEF 2018 evokes an open fridge with dead animals impaled on hooks and rotting flesh. DOBYTČÍ MOR in Czech or MURRAIN in English as you want!!! This true legend of the Czechoslovak extreme music will play for us at OEF after years. Attention however!!! They will play their legendary album „The Famine“ released as early as in 1993 and currently being released as a re-edition in its entirety!!!

DOBYTČÍ MOR started in 1991 and they were together with a few others the foundation stones of the North Moravian extreme scene obliterating all the living at that time. The duo of Kanec and Rostič have been together right from the beginning and in recent years they hired an old veteran Hary well-known as a member of the band Pathologist from Ostrava on bass. And these brutes will grind us into bone dust with their time-proven songs from the legendary album!!! Silent pastures will not be silent this time!!!


The year is 1991, two years after the revolution and the guys from the north of Moravia at the time playing in bands in various permutations DESSERT (thrash punk), Shark (thrash), ASH (Scream Extreme noise core) constitute perhaps the first grind-core band in czech. Daniel Kanalik (Boar), guitar and sings Bronislav Jaros (Bronck) 1991 - 1993, bass, sings Rostislav Trojak (Rostíč) drums. Pavel Kovar (Pajka) drums. 1991 - 1991[First demo rostič was in the army] Martin Bílek ( Bilos) bass, sings 2008 - 2009 Petr (Dino) Sarina bass, sings 2009 - Right after literally a few days of playing songs are written by the first demo Putrid Survival and committed the first concert in Frydek-Mistek with cow's head at the forefront of the stage directly from the slaughterhouse. They are forced to play certain songs again because they are together and on the half hour. It was such an attraction during the 90 years of thrash metal. Recorded first demo is mentioned PUTRID SURVIVAL (91) and is fairly distributed by mail to various fanzine in the Czech Republic. Then followed concerts Moravian Ostrava location with bands of a similar nature. Another year, another demo Silent Pastures (92), offering concerts and Bono Karvina label to release an official CD The Famine (93). Baptism is followed by a CD at home in Frýda Místek. The band in 1994 based grunge rock band that revolves LVESTOCK the two demos. Coming crisis and the ”cattle“ diverge. After seven years, the band appeals to Curby (the main organizer of the Obscene FEST) and persuades her to participate in the Trutnov festival OSCENE 2,001th Surprisingly, the band formed and winds for the event at the last demo RIGHT THE STENCH (2001). Band brings together the DVD material from more concerts and backstage of the pack. based Cow Story DVD. In 2008 the band re-formed, the bass is built from Malignant Tumour Bilos and mulches away ..... 2010. Bilos has a lot of work with MT, so it replaces bassist Hibakusha "Dino" Petr Sarina and it goes completely okay .... going to concerts, doing new things .... spin band in April 2011 album ”syndrome“ under the auspices of the journal Talon. And Dung go on !!!!!


Release date Release name Media
2017 Split vinyl EP Pox EP
2015 Penury Eats Handly CD
2013 Plague CD
2011 Syndrom CD
2001 The Right Stench DEMO
1993 The Famine CD
1992 Silent Pastures DEMO
1991 Putrid Survival DEMO


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