And there will be cutting, decapitating and there will be quite a lot of bloodshed! Do belive us! It will be the second show of this iconic death / grind band of BRUJERIA at Obscene Extreme Festival. However, it may seem to you this band has belonged to this extreme music fest of Trutnov since time immemorial.   

This year will definitely be in the sign of Brujeria as they are preparing an anti-Trump single in spring and we may wait to see a new full-length recording in the course of the year being in preparation at Nuclear Blast. If it is not released until the OEF 2016 term we can at least be looking forward to some titbits in the form of freshly sounding new tracks! So, masks and scarves to be put on – Matando Güeros!!!


Shrouded in mystery and infamy, BRUJERIA have created a lore that never ceases to amaze and intrigue. It has been over twenty years since a diabolical group of individuals first came together and started what was unbeknownst to them would be one of the most controversial and legendary bands to play music.

BRUJERIA has not relied on any forms of promotion for their releases. The success is directly due to a grass roots support of Latino and metal music enthusiasts. Despite known contributors in a live setting and on recording, the main forces behind BRUJERIA are still unknown. Although BRUJERIA has attracted musicians from bands like, Napalm Death, Carcass, Faith No More, Cradle of Filth, At The Gates, the core members of the band continue to create politically charged, social unacceptable, and morally brutal music.

The controversy behind BRUJERIA has made news across the planet, receiving television news attention from Telemundo regarding decapitation murders in Texas, a Latin Billboard Award nomination in the same category as Shakira, and even receiving appraise from Subcamadante Marcos the leader of the EZLN, who’s soldiers have shown their support by wearing Brujeria tshirts!

BRUJERIA have a new album in the works and will release it in a time with political unrest, the worst thing that can happen is for a new BRUJERIA album to be released…

BRUJERIA Line-up :

Juan Brujo - vocals

Fantasma - vocals

Hongo - guitar

Embrujado -guitar

El Cynico - bass

Podrido - drums


Release date Release name Media
2016 Pocho Aztlan CD
2016 Viva Presidente Trump!
2014 Angel Chilango
2010 California Uber Aztlan
2009 No Aceptan Imitaciones
2008 Debilador
2000 Brujerizmo CD
2000 Marijuana
1995 Raza Odiada CD
1994 El Patrón
1993 Matando Gueros CD
1992 ¡Machetazos!
1990 ¡Demoniaco!


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