"What?? That shitty gay naked band again?? No way, I won't come to OEF this year, that fest sucks"

That should be the normal reaction of 99% of the usual OEF crowd. Well, too bad for them, the band will be there and will only play songs from their so much hated 2nd full length in order to piss everyone off! Or maybe they won't, maybe they won't play at all and just fuck themselves on stage...


This bio was written by some gay guy and contains many many mistakes and wrong informations, but who really cares? (and who reads bio anyway???)

Gronibard started in 1998 as a joke-band side-project of Warscars dudes with an ever-changing line-up of gays eventually counting up to nine members among which Albatard (bass), Anal Capone (vocals) and Necronembourg (guitars & vocals) would keep the trOo kVlt gay spirit for more than ten years now. The only demo, “Pren dez-moi!” was recorded for a half before (yes, before) the band’s first rehearsal and for the other half, during that said first rehearsal (in fact, the “before” part is some sort of noise improvisation in a radio studio while on air). After some compilation tapes, some never-released EPs and other pleasures every underground band having a name starting to spread knows, they finaly ended on a five way split CD with other local bands (in which they would eventualy play too), among which Running Guts and Meat Paunch Mafia in 2000.

Imressed by their new stuff, Bones Brigade records offered them to release their debut album (something nobody would have believed in at that time!). The three gays then found who would later become known as a big name in the Metal drumming community, Gilles Delecroix (Aborted, Scarve, Warscars…) as well as a very decent recording studio that would give the future, untitled, debut album a sound every Grindcore band is dreaming of during wet nights of gay dreaming for years. Thus the full-length was released in 2001 and the band, coming as a “Mars Attacks!” UFO in the scene, claiming everywhere “We come in piss”, stormed the whole underground scene and let no one heterosexual, somehow like the “Gay niggers from outter space” (good movie!). The release was followed by an incessant touring of France and Western Europe. Two years later, the band recorded some sessions for upcoming split releases among which the “should-have-been-cult” split CD with Exit-13 Bill Yurkiewicz of Exit-13 / Relapse / Last House On The Left records asked them over and over. Unfortunately, Exit-13 last their material during some trouble drug induced circumstances and split up right after. So Gronibard released the said material, along with an acoustic session previously planned for some EP as the “Satanic tuning club” MCD and more gigs all over Europe (and a one-off at the Maryland Deathfest in the US) followed. But these three years of intense pressure and touring had exhausted the now five (with the addition of Sylvester Staline’s Cédric Méganck, aka “Ptite Bite” or “Mongolito”) gays were left with an Infernal rectum bleeding that took them three years to cure.

With such a cult album as their debut, Gronibard had quite no option to record a second full-length. Either they recorded an album in the very same vein and everyone would have said that the band was releasing the same stuff over and over, either they changed direction and everyone would have said they wimped out. Well, in fact, they did both so t he whole planet can hate them for good reasons! So the writing process started back in 2007 and the album, “We are french, fukk you” was released on October of the next year, for the band’s tenth anniversary. Still gore when it comes to vocals, the album shows a more Grind’n’Roll approach of their homosexuality, with longer songs and more complex structures… but still as stupid and still as well produced. But, beware, “We are french, fukk you” is just a side of what Gronibard still has under its (bullet-) belt: more stuff has been recorded during that session, quite different in style, again… The perfect exemple of what’s being to be expected can be found on their first part of their forthcoming “Goregrind splits” trilogy: the split 7” EP with Anal Penetration (released late 2009).


Release date Release name Media
2009 Split EP w/Anal Penetration EP
2008 We Are French Fukk You
2007 100-way Splatter Fetish compilation


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