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Who would have said that this year's performance of this grind hammer at the OEF will be the fourth in a row? Year of foundation: 1996, ie. 22 years of existence!!! There are not many bands of this kind in our country grinding tirelessly for so long and spreading the seed of grind destruction all over the world. Yes, we are speaking about a Czech/Belgian squad ONANIZER!!! The band around the main brain Karel is really a mad phenomenon showing how the grind family is connected all over the world as ONANIZER's  trips around the whole world and really exotic destinations such as Nepal, Thailand, Philippines or South America are legendary!!!

It is not only gigging but also many excellent recordings the guys can provide. Their international status is certainly supported by the fact that the guy sitting behind the drums in this band is the most appropriate one for a grindcore butchery as it is Nils from the legendary Agathocles!!! With him ONANIZER is always ready to crush your ear holes!!!


In early Autumn, based in the Western part of the Czech Republic nearby Cheb, five of us, Koller (vox), Mesy (vox), Karel (guitar), Tomas (bass, R.I.P.) and Rezy (drums) start playing together as FATAL CATALEPSY...

22.2. in Tachov we play alongside FLESHLESS, PANDEMIA & INGROWING our first gig. After the second one a week later, we change the name to ONANIZER. Especially thanks to PANDEMIA, we had a chance to play a bunch of very decent shows at that time. Though to get through wasn't easy, as there was no grindcore audience in this region at all. We do self-release of a video tape with some this year's gigs...

April is the time to enter Prague's Hostivar Studio and to record our debut "Ansikte Mot Ansikte", a year later released on MC by ukrainian DAC Prod. From this recordings were also used some tracks for 7" EP split w/ CAUSE OF EFFECT (Machismo Prod., Australia). We are guests in local radio Egrensis. More gigs are coming, first open air's, but also a sad event, when on 29.7. our bassist Tom chose to get out of this world...

We carry on without bass. In summer there were festivals like Fekal Party II. in Prague or Obscene Extreme fest I., where we were forced due to work duties of our drummer to ask Zbyna from INGROWING to play instead. Together with Barney from PERVERSIST as the guest 3rd singer, we did totally insane half improvisation grind/noise set with people moshing all over the place, must say, definitely one of the best we ever have done. In Autumn we record in Jumbo Studio in Tachov "Rop", unfortunatelly released only in 03'. At the end of year Karel moves to London and the band takes a break...

2000 - 2001
Karel plays in UK with GRIND PARK (nowadays HOVADAH), Mesy and Rezy founded SO PURE, Koller moves to Spain.ONANIZER practise only when Karel visits his homeland for holidays, so very sporadically...

Later this year is Karel back and ONANIZER is practising regurlaly again. Bass is now handling by Rozis from EMPTY FEELING. Because Koller is still travelling, the second vocalist becomes our friend Brizic. In December first reunion show. There's D.I.Y. live CD-r from this session made by PODEGRA...

Due to problems with rehersal room is the band practising rarely and in April after gig with STERBEHILFE, Mesy leaves to London for a change. The rest keep on playing and concentrate more on composing new songs instead of playing live. But soon there was more than obvious, that Brizic and Rozis are not so hot about playing grindcore and after loosing rehersal room definitely, Karel moves to Ceske Budejovice (Budweiss). Recordings from 99' are released on Cd- r as "Rop" by czech label Panda Music.

A few months later goes on south also Rezy. The band joins new vocalist Jirka, currently studying in this city, otherwise also from the western region. Koller comes back to Czech, rejoin the band, but lives far away and do only shows without rehersals. There's no bass, but second guitar, managed by Robert Major. With this line-up we start in February in Prague's great rock club Kain. We play really massively, also often abroad (Belgium, Germany, Slovak Rep., Austria...) In June Robert goes back to his hometown on the other side of the country and quits ONANIZER. To help out, joins the band for a few months and a few gigs bassist Honza Vanek from OBLOMOV. We have 3 vocalists. All the shows do Jirka, usually in CZ joined by Koller, abroad by Mesy, sometimes screams alone. D.I.Y. live DVD-R made by ROTTEN COLD from our appearence on Hoowah Hoowah festival in Wolfsberg/Austria.

Temporary help Honza leaves the place for 17 year's old Zbysa, who's in January playing his first gig. A month later Koller announces quitting the band due to lack of time. Mesy is flying more often from London now, though Jirka has still to manage some shows on his own. In March in Hellsound Studio is made our first pressed CD "Too Good To Be True" (Lecter Music Agency). Playing Obscene Extreme fest the second time. In November leaves drumer Rezy, also to London.

Found new drummer David (ex- GRIDE, AVENGER, MARTYRIUM CHRISTI, PLASTIC GRAVE...) April's mini tour with PANDEMIA & GOMORRHA in Germany. Numerous stage hitting since then again. Krhanice open air. "Too good.." is also out on Cd-r in Malaysia through Suarabebas Prod. T-shirts made. Guests in well known Radio 1 in Prague. First time in France.

First time in Hungary. A.F.O.D. open air. During summer recorded 7" EP split w/HxCxF from France, released by 6 cooperating labels. Karel moves to Prague. Jirka, Zbysa and David quit the band. Offer to tour Europe had to be turned down because of this. A few months after, ex vocalist Koller joins Karel and Mesy once again, this time as a ultrablastbeating drummer. Thanx to this line up change we are able to go for almost a month long European tour in April/May 2008 and in Autumn for 4 months to Latin America.

In February joins the band a new member, bassist "Kavron", shortly followed by another vocalist Ondra. 26 days long Euro tour (Czech Rep., Poland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, England, Switzerland, Austria) with czech comrades EMPTY FEELING successfully done. Between 1 - 9.7. we do second European tour (Czech Rep., Slovakia, Hungary, Romania) for this year with turkish grinders SAKATAT and hungarians ANOTHER WAY.
1 - 3.9. we record new 18 songs/13 mins stuff in Hellsound studio, which is used as promo for our Latin American tour, successfully done between 9.9.2008 and 13.1.2009.

After this extensive trip, we split up with our long term singer Mesy as he still remains to live in London and on such a distance it wasn't possible to be part of one band anymore. Karel takes the second mic, while still playing guitar and since then we perform as 4-piece band. This year we do mainly local gigs, composing new songs and saving our power and money for next thrilling tour, which will happen for 2 months in February/March 2010, where we go to conquer countries of South/East Asia and some states of mighty Australia incl. island Tasmania.
Also split CD (includes re-mastered latinamerican promo tracks + tracks from our 2007 7'EP split w/ HxCxF) with english fast core grind bastards JOE PESCI is released under mexican label Cadaver Terror Prod.

As mentioned before, in February/March we go for 2 months to South/East Asia & Australia to play 25 gigs in countries like Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore or Australia (inc.Tasmania). We did all togehter fucking 15 crazy flights by plane on this tour, uhh!
Rest of the year we play local shows and practise new songs.

3. - 4. of January we record new material in one of the best studios around - Shaark studio in Bzenec/Czech Republic. 7 songs get out under cooperation of Pan Del Muerte/ Bovine Records from USA and Coffee Grinder recs from Canada as 7"EP split with canadians ARCHAGATHUS.

In April/May we go for another European tour, this time 3 weeks direction to Spain, Italy, etc.., with tasmanian devils NOW YOU'RE FUCKED and play next to a few other cool gigs and fests also legendary OBSCENE EXTREME for the 3rd time, ARSCH CHOLIO (Ger) or BLOODSHED Festival (Hol).

In December leaves the band drummer Koller and moves to Ecuador.

4-way split CD ONANIZER / HOVADAH_(uk) / NERVOUS IMPULSE_(Can) / SMG_(Mal) is released under  american label "the Original Death, Agony and Screams Cassettes & Vinyl. Contains all the songs from the recordings last year.

In January becomes the new drummer belgian Nils Laureys from legendary AGATHOCLES and in March we already play our first show together with another legends NAPALM DEATH in Cheb, the town we started in 1996.

April we go for 3 weeks Eastern European tour which includes alsoTurkey and Greece.

Prague’s FEKAL PARTY festival played in August

Various gigs in Czech Rep and 2 great festivals – GRIND THE NAZI SCUM in Germany and 13th Times fest in Belgium. Re-edition of our first tape „Ansikte Mot Ansikte“ is done by Grindfather Prod from UK.

Thirst for Grind fest VII. in Prague and 7 days euro tour ended with great grind festival in Trier/Germany – Grind Here Right Now.

The Grindcore Family Weekend fest in Copenhagen played + Some german and czech shows.

Minitour in Belgium and Holland + local ug 2 days Pallasit Fest.

Taking it easy and have no show this year as Nils wanders South America.

Back in business. Just returned (February/March) from a month long trip, where we visited Emirates, India and Nepal, where we performed at local iconic NEPAL DEATH FEST.
In July we are confirmed for the 4th time to play on 20th anniversary of the best grindcore festival in the world - OBSCENE EXTREME_ _ _Trutnov_ _ _Czech Republic


Release date Release name Media
2013 "Ansikte Mot Ansikte" - MC (reedice - Grindfather Prod./UK)
2008 ONANIZER/ SAKATAT - split live MC
2008 LatinoAmerican tour promo CD CD
2008 The Best of Cumpilation CD (salvadorean edition) CD
2007 ONANIZER/ HxCxF - split 7"EP EP
2006 "Too Good To Be True" - MC (malaysian edition) MC (TAPE)
2005 "Too Good To Be True" - CD CD
2003 "Rop" - CD CD
1999 "Ansikte Mot Ansikte" - MC MC (TAPE)
1997 "Paradise Noise - ani v ráji se neobejdeš bez hluku" - live VHS


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