MESRINE - Age of decay


  1. MESRINE have been terrorizing listeners for nearly 14 years with their brand of serial killer-themed grindcore; played fast, punky, and with a metal crunch! Staying true to the DIY spirit since the beginning and never forgetting to have fun along the way, these grind-obsessed canadians are set on returning to the OBSCENE EXTREME stage this summer for the year's biggest (and noisiest) party!!!


The band was formed by Dan (drums), Fred (guitar) and Crocko (bass) in 1997 with the intention of playing raw and dirty old school grindcore. Now many years, line-ups, releases, gigs and tours later, the original vision is still pretty much intact. The same 3 guys from the beginning are still there, along with Steve (vocals) and Jack (guitar).


Influences range from early Napalm Death and Agathocles to early Extreme Noise Terror, Rupture to Grave, Impetigo to D.R.I., S.O.D. and anything in between. We play old school crossover grindcore.


We toured Europe in 2005, 2008 and 2011, having previously played the OEF in Trutnov twice. Many Canadian tours have been done throughout the years and we played in the US for the first time in 2014, finally making it to the Maryland Deathfest.

We have kept the DIY spirit alive all along, releasing many split vinyl releases with underground bands by different small labels from all over the world.


In 2015 we are currently working on our 5th album which we will possibly be recording by the end of this year.


Release date Release name Media
2015 Upcoming Mesrine/G.O.D. (Split 7")
2015 Upcoming Mesrine/Psycho (Split 7")
2015 Upcoming Mesrine/Deboned (Split 7")
2015 Upcoming Mesrine/Gorgonized Dorks (Split 7")
2014 Bad Seed... Spoiled Blood
2013 Mesrine/Entrails Massacre split
2012 Mesrine/Embalming Theatre split
2012 Mesrine/Sposa In Alto Mare split
2011 Mesrine/Sakatat split
2010 Obsessive Compulsive CD
2010 Mesrine/Spembloodshit split
2010 Obsessive Compulsive CD, LP
2009 split CD w/ Plague Rages CD
2009 Mesrine/Iron Butter split
2009 Mesrine/Plague Rages split CD
2008 Mesrine/Trepan Dead/Roger Moore 3 Way Split CD CD
2008 Mesrine/Abortion split
2008 Mesrine/Pretty Little Flower split
2007 Unidentified CD, LP
2006 BadTrippe/Mesrine split CD
2006 Epitome/Mesrine split
2006 Rebelion Disidente/Mesrine split MC (TAPE)
2006 Fuck the Facts/Mesrine split
2006 Mesrine/Archagathus split
2005 Mesrine/Needful Things split
2005 I Choose Murder CD
2005 Jack Is Dead (1999-2004) CD
2004 Mesrine/Depression split CD, LP
2004 Mesrine/Septicémie split
2003 Mesrine/Neuro-Visceral Exhumation split
2003 Mesrine/Krush split
2002 Mesrine/Irritate split
2002 Mesrine/Noisecore Freak split
2002 Mesrine/Glaucoma split
2002 Shot To Death
2001 Dahmer/Mesrine split
2001 Going to the Morgue CD, LP
2000 Mesrine/Traumatism/Nyctophobic 3 Way Split CD
1999 Rot/Mesrine
1998 Débile Mental DEMO


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