WRATHCOBRA United States



WRATHCOBRA are the original D-Beat Metal Bastard Band that is hailing from Pittsburgh, PA!

Starting in 2005, the band has two completly self released albums on their own label COBRA CABANA Records. Turning the Headsof the crust, punk and heavy metal communities worldwide.

After serveral excursions throughout the usa and a 2010 europe tour, theres is no telling where these drunken maniacs will end up next. Drawing influences from early scandinavian and uk crust, the new way of britrish heavy metal and american hardcore, the lyrical content and ethos of the band is decideldly anarcho and 100% DIY from the recording to the vinyl pressing to the artwork that graces the albums and t-shirts.



Release date Release name Media
2010 Wrathcobra Fang and Tail 12"
2008 Wrathcobra S/T 12"


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