NAPALMED Czech Republic



They will reappear at OEF after five long years and do not intend to be the most extreme, the most perverse nor the ugliest because they are different by nature.

They will present a combination of old well-proven methods of metallic destruction in the collision with insane electronic frequencies drifting from home-made synthesisers. The new line-up of three guys has become continuously a united orga(ni)sm. They record uncritically much and are going to release a new album as soon as possible.

Anything else? Look forward together with us to an industrially electronic noise on a good apparatus and so loud you do not dare in your living room.


NAPALMED band has been founded in the middle of 1994. A couple of members left from the band since then, however their music changed from huge noise core through lo-fI noise sound until improvised factory noise to Xtreme freaQuency electroniX. We have played 140 live shows mostly in Czech republic. We were support band for Inu-Yaroh, Melt Banana and Merzbow (all Japanese bands) and we were on stage with many others. If we will count 100 copies for each our title it is going to be 20.000 copies sold so far. All facts previosuly mentioned do not make Napalmed rich band, but on the other hand, they are famous on stage and in the musician community as well.


PaveL.H. - Mechanic Noise

MartiN.B. - Electronic Noise

RadeK.K. - Technic Noise


Release date Release name Media
2008 Noisax Jazzostrial Fractamental CD
2008 iii (Napalmed)
2006 Up To The Ears In Tinnitus


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