Considering how many cult underground horror films come from Italy, it's a wonder that unlike Spain, there isn't the same calibre of devoted gore bands ready to milk it for samples, inspiration and cover art. Sicily sickos HAEMOPHAGUS are making up for that at OBSCENE EXTREME 2011.

Since forming in 2004 (breaking up in 2006 and reforming in 2007), the old school four-piece have worked hard to get the word out about their sinister brand of Carcass, Cancer and Massacre worship, releasing five splits in four years, one with the mighty AGATHOCLES, and appearing on two global compilations – one the very appropriate 'TRIBUTE TO REPULSION' by FDA REKOTZ – and a 2009 full-length album, the vile 'SLAVES TO THE NECROMANCER'.

If you don't think real darkness can come from a country with such fine weather, you've never seen a bloated corpse rotting in the heat.


2004: David (drums) and Sirio (bass) start jamming with a bunch of old-school riffs and lyrics.

2005: After various monicker and line-up changes that will bring the band to become a four-piece called HAEMOPHAGUS, the debut demo cd-r, Into the Mortuary, is recorded on May. Soon after, Pallino (lead vocals) leaves and Giorgio switches on guitars and vocals.

2006: Eight new songs are recorded at Circle of Power studios on April. They will be released only in 2007 by F.D.A. rekots as a split cd with TSS, after an eight-months break in the band's activities. The haemoes play several gigs in Sicily and Calabria.

2007: the first split 7" with mincecore heroes AGATHOCLES is co-produced by various DIY labels. Another line-up change occurs when Sirio leaves the band. Haemophagus record three brand new songs for another split 7" (w/ Spiral from Japan), with Gioele of DEATH PROPHECY filling in on live bass for a few gigs.

2008: the band heads to the peninsula for a crazy tour with fellow citizens SHOCK TROOPERS. The infamous Gas (ex - 180° IN OPPOSITY) joins on bass. Restless and wild, the haemoes spend the whole summer in their rehearsal gutter to work on their first full-length album, "Slaves to the Necromancer." The split 7" with SPIRAL is co-released in November. The band returns to Circle of Power studios to record their first massive slab of doomed and grinded deathcrap.

2009: a 3 way split cd with BLOODRAISED and SICK BONG HEADQUARTER comes out right before the band's second italian tour. A 6 way split compilation is presented at Haemophagus' first gig abroad ever (Krastival, Slovenia) on July. Haemophagus play the September to Dismember fest with bands like Birdflesh and Ghoul (USA). "Slaves" is finally released on December by Despise the Sun recs.

2010: Haemophagus' split 7" with Grind Crusher is brought on tour on March. Later this year, Gioele joins back on second guitar. The band plays a totally disastrous metal fest with NAPALM DEATH and others.


Release date Release name Media
2010 Haemophagus / Grind Crusher - split 7"
2009 "Tribute To Repulsion" CD, LP
2009 "Slaves To The Necromancer" CD


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