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Few bands represent OBSCENE EXTREME as fully as US grind legends BRUTAL TRUTH – they've weatherbreak-ups and line-up changes, but never halted in their mission to keep pushing at the bleeding edge of grindcore.

Never becoming complacent, each steamroller of a BRUTAL TRUTH album has furthered their sound and moved the goalposts for the whole damn genre in the process. Now bassist, founding member and extreme metal champion DAN LILKER approaches his 50th birthday, he's stepping back from music and his baby - BRUTAL TRUTH - will be no more.

When the band returned in 2006, it was OBSCENE EXTREME the following year that welcomed them back as very personification of the festival. Now, seven years later we'll bid them farewell with one final performance.

OBSCENE EXTREME 2014 – this promises to be unforgettable!!!


Brutal Truth was formed in 1990 in New York City. The band was originally signed to Earache Records, on which they released two albums, Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses and Need to Control, as well as an EP entitled Perpetual Conversion, and 7" singles for the songs "Ill Neglect" and "Godplayer". During this time, music videos were made for the songs "Ill Neglect", "Collateral Damage" and "Godplayer". Brutal Truth were frustrated with Earache Records and switched to Relapse Records, known for its roster of grindcore acts, with whom they stayed until the band's demise.

With Relapse, they released the mini album Kill Trend Suicide, a full length release entitled Sounds of the Animal Kingdom and a double CD live album called Goodbye Cruel World. The band has also released many split 7" singles on smaller labels, with most of these being out of print and difficult to find. The songs from these 7" singles were collected on the second disc of Goodbye Cruel World.

In 2001, the Guinness Book of Records awarded Brutal Truth the record for "shortest music video" for their video "Collateral Damage", which is 2.18 seconds long and consists of 48 still images in rapid succession followed by a clip of an explosion.

Drummer Richard Hoak also provides vocals and drums for a project titled Total Fucking Destruction. Kevin Sharp released an album with Venomous Concept in 2004, a hardcore punk band featuring members from The Melvins and Napalm Death. He was also a member of Australian grind band Damaged for a little over a year in 1999. He is also currently involved with the Atlanta-based hardcore-metal, grindcore band, Primate, with guitarist Bill Kelliher from Mastodon. Dan Lilker now plays for a host of bands and is currently bassist for the re-united Nuclear Assault.

Brutal Truth re-formed in 2006 with three-quarters of the final lineup returning (Lilker, Hoak and Sharp); Erik Burke (of Lethargy) replaced Brent McCarty on guitar.

On July 8, 2008, four new Brutal Truth tracks were released on the This Comp Kills Fascists compilation. This is the first new material from the band in almost ten years.

On January 21, 2009, it was announced that Brutal Truth had finished recording a new album, entitled Evolution Through Revolution. It was released on April 14 in North America, April 17 in Germany and on April 20 worldwide. The band have also made the entire album available via streaming from their website. A video for "Sugardaddy/Branded" was released on July 17, 2009.

On September 27, 2011, Brutal Truth released End Time on Relapse. In 2012, the band participated in the Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival, performing material composed by Robert Piotrowicz. In October 2012, Dan O'Hare took over guitar duties. Brutal Truth will release a split with Bastard Noise on November 11, 2013.

On January 10, 2014, Lilker announced that he would be retiring from being a full-time recording and touring musician on October 18, 2014, which is his 50th birthday. As a result, he also announced that Brutal Truth will disband in mid-October of the same year.


Release date Release name Media
2013 The Axiom of Post Inhumanity split with Bastard Noise CD
2011 End Time CD
2009 Evolution Through Revolution CD
2009 For the Ugly and Unwanted – This Is Grindcore DVD
1997 Sounds of the Animal Kingdom CD
1996 Kill Trend Suicide CD
1994 Need to Control CD
1992 Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses CD
1992 Ill Neglect EP
1990 The Birth of Ignorance DEMO


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