CHIENS - Mothershrimp


The fastest band in Europe? Have you heard that too? Who are we talking about? Fastcore/grind commando CHIENS The unholy trinity that will show you there are bands in Europe playing as fast and furiously like Hellnation.

So, if you like for instance Hellnation or their German mates of Yacopsae , do believe that CHIENS will get you to your knees just as quickly…They are planning a split with Lycanthrophy. Out just for Obscene Extreme...


Two friends, an urge to play fast, a first record, no band name but a dog near them when they're searching it : Chiens. Very soon joined by a first singer and Antoine (ex-Blockheads, ex-Dhibac) at the 2nd guitar, then Chiens began to play in eastern France and frontier countries. In 2010, a new singer arrived : Jubs (ex HerpesDeCrachatDeFillette, ex Whoresnation) and a 12-inch vinyl one side was released with 15 tracks, available on several french labels. The year after, line up changed again to become a 3 pieces Guitar/drums/vocals band. Chiens made some tours with The Afternoon Gentlemen, Captain Cleanoff and Fatal Nunchaku through UK, France, and eastern Europe. In 2012, Chiens did a 7'' split with the awesome The Afternoon Gentlemen. In addition of that the band planned some mini tours with Yacopsae, or Whoresnation/Doomsisters/Warfuck, also played in many festivals like Grinding Dťlťmont, Obscene Extreme fest, Play Fast or Don't and Bloodshed Fest. The Second album "Vultures are our Future" (10'' gatefold) is available since june 2013. Soon, a split with the greats Lycanthrophy will be release and a split live tape with SixBrewBantha is coming!

Jubs : Vocals

Michol : Guitar + backing

Sacha : Drums + backing


Release date Release name Media
2013 Vultures are our Future - 10" gatefold album LP
2013 Tous batards ou crevards MC (TAPE)
2011 12" One sided LP self titled LP
2009 Chiens DEMO


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