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Swedish flavoured d-beat thrashed out by fellows with experience from grind/death metal (e.g. Phobia) bands? It can't but turn out to be great. Two full-length albums with Deep Six Records and a third one on the way. A recent change in the line-up has brought in experienced musicians from the bands Ruin / Gravehill / State of Defiance etc.

On top of that DESTROYED IN SECONDS, aka D.I.S., know Trutnov inside and out, having preformed their rough d-beat/crust set there already. This is bound to be a rock-solid blast at the Obscene Extreme Festival 2020!!!


DESTROYED IN SECONDS (D.I.S.) deliver a crushing powerhouse of Swedish influenced D-Beat punk mixed with ripping metal and thrash. Formed 2008 in Los Angeles by original members of Phobia, Mange and Eat the Living.

No strangers to the Los Angeles scene and beyond. DESTROYED IN SECONDS (D.I.S.) have done their time sharing the stage with the likes of Victims, Wolfbrigade, Brujeria, Repulsion, Exhumed, English Dogs, Subhumans, Final Conflict, Darkest Hour, and Bio-Crisis among countless others. DESTROYED IN SECONDS (D.I.S.) have also taken part in major festivals such as Obscene Extreme North America & Obscene Extreme Europe, Maryland Deathfest, Los Angeles Murderfest, Show Your Scars Fest and more.

Two full length albums under their belt, "Critical Failure" (2008) and "Becoming Wrath" (2013) both released on DEEPSIX RECORDS, DESTROYED IN SECONDS (D.I.S.)  are back with their highly anticipated new record, "Divide and Devour". After some minor lineup changes they now return for their third full length release offering 11 brand new tracks of punishing, unrelenting d-beat ferocity. "Divide and Devour" includes the addition of Kyle Hertz (Temple of Dagon, State of Defiance) on bass and Christian La Rocca (Ruin, Gravehill, Cobra Venom) on lead guitar duties writing a new chapter in the history of DESTROYED IN SECONDS (D.I.S.) and bringing the Los Angeles 5 piece into prime form with relentless rage and fury.

Jon Tomala - Vox

Bruce Reeves - Guitar

Christian LaRocca - Guitar

Kyle Hertz - Bass

Sean Vahle - Drums


Release date Release name Media
2020 Divide And Devour
2013 Becoming Wrath
2013 Undead – A Tribute To Disrupt Compilation
2008 Critical Failure


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