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JACK - Sorstalanul


This Hungarian grind/crust ensemble are quite experienced and with countless recordings and tours (not only) across Europe. They played quite a lot in Czech too. Though it does not seem like these guys have been around for 2 decades you can feel they know what they are doing.

Also their latest album named "Neurozis" from 2016 has received a positive feedback which is why it is more than clear that this unstoppable machine has received a second invitation to the Obscene Extreme Festival in 2018! Ladies and gentlemen - JACK!!!


The band was formed in 1996 by the following members: Birka-drums, MuntyŠn-bass/vocals, and Dusty-guitars. Initially, we mainly played british punk covers and at the same time, we wrote our first songs, which, to be honest were quite primitive. Our first gig took place in Kiskunhalas, our native town, on the 19th of december, 1996. Levi-vocals and Mťtely-bass joined the band in the summer of í97, and MuntyŠn switched to the guitar. This line-up recorded the rehearsal demo ŃllŪtsŠtok meg! (Stop it!), which was nothig short of embarrassing. We recorded our first studio demo Te sem vagy mŠs (Youíre not any different) in the summer of 1999, containig fast punk songs as well as some melodic stuff, in an attempt to find our own tune. Following the studio recording, Csabi joined, making the band a two-singer formation. The music shifted towards a more hardcore kind of style. In 2000, Vissza ki az utcŠra (Back in the Streets) a fast hardcore/british punk material was recorded, marking the next step of the way to finding our own sound. Dusty quit in the summer of 2001, to be replaced by Jirzsi. Somewhat later Csabi quit too, resulting in the following line-up: Birka-drums, MuntyŠn-guitar, Jirzsi-guitar, Mťtely-bass, Levi- vocals. Tťged akarnak (They want you), our next full album featured this line-up, and so did our first European tour of ten shows. Losing motivation, Birka left the band in August, 2004. Our next drummer was the then drummer of Din-Addict, Bakelit, weíve had known for ages. Jirzsi and the band parted ways in December 2004. No new member was recruited this time, the four-member band carried on. With Bakelit, who brought a lot of grindcore influence in the band, we recorded a ten track split with Step On It in 2005, and the album MMVII CTENOMYS BLAINV. Mťtely then quit, handing bass duties to Kůcos, only to be replaced by Biggie. Biggie played on the three-band split by Jack/Agthocles/Mizar. Kristůf, a new bass player joined, when Biggie left in 2008, and thus we recorded 7 track a split,with the band Yattai. Bakelit moved abroad, and Bandi, who also played in Another Way, a companion fastcore band, picked up the drumsticks. A new bass player, Peti was recruited, so that Kristůf could switch to the guitar. This line-up recorded a live album in 2011 with Alea Iacta titled Splitted Alive. A double change in the line-up has led up to the current list of members: Levi-vocals, MuntyŠn-Guitar, Kristůf-guitar/backing vocals, Bence-bass (ex-My First Knife, ex-Torzz and ex-Level Exit), Dani-drums (ex-Buried Remains, ex-Flood Has Come, Game Misconduct, Gravecrusher) This line-up performed in 2011 at the Obscene Extreme Festival in the Chech Republic and recorded Inhumanus, full length album to date marketed by the US record label, Give Praise Records in 2013. With this linep we recorded a split 7" with czech BombatŲlcsťr and another full length: Neurozis.

In 2016 Bence left the band and David (Gravecrusher, Apoptosis, ALcoholic Terror ) joined to the band for bass. Wit this lineup we recorded 6 new track to the split 7" with meth leppard in 2017.


Release date Release name Media
2014 Jack-Éberkóma
2014 Jack/Bombatölcsér split
2013 Inhumanus
2011 Jack/Alea Iacta Est - splitted alive
2011 Beteg Kor (promo 2012)
2009 Jack/Yattai split
2008 Jack/AGathocles/Mizar split
2005 Jack/Step On It split
2002 Téged akarnak
2000 Vissza, ki az utcára
1999 Te sem vagy más DEMO
1998 ŃllŪtsŠtok Meg DEMO


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