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After many years, MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM, the Czech classics of the genre, will come to kick our asses from the Czech death metal town of Uherské Hradiště!!! A band that has been swearing to fast and technical  death metal since their beginning in 1992 and has released 6 studio albums to date. At the beginning of their journey we can also trace the members of the legendary Krabathor in their line-up. 

MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM went through a series of ups and downs and even had to interrupt their activities several times. But death metal is love for the whole life so we have them back again!!! They are the ones to have played over 600 gigs and they do know how to deliver a great show. We will enjoy them together with a typical shot of slivovitz in the Wednesdays's  program of the OEF 2018!!! MEL PES is back on track!!!


Melancholy Pessimism is a death metal-grindcore band from the Czech Republic and was formed in January 1992. At the birth of Melancholy Pessimism were singer Vlasta “Killy” Mahdal, drummer Peter Malus and bass player Richard “Kocur“ Kocourek. At the time Christopher from Krabathor helped out on guitar but soon was replaced by Peter Pistek.This line-up recorded their first 5 track demo named “Melancholy Pessimism“ in May 1992. First debut album called ”Recompense To Saints” was recorded in June 1995 and released in March 1996 on a gig with  Benediction in Trutnov. In 1999 they released album “Inconsistent World,” which followed a year later next album “Evil Planet”.  While the record “Evil Planet” contained some elements of Moravian traditional music, the next two albums, ”Global Terrorization” and ”Dreamkilllers” have had apart of death metal and grindcore also jazz music elements. Sixth and the last Melancholy Pessimism record  named ‘‘End Of Vermin Nations‘‘ came out in 2010. 

The band has had many line-up changes and brakes over the years, but even so they have played circa 500 gigs mostly in The Czech and Slovak Republic, for example with bands like: Kataklysm, Napalm Death, Avulsed, Deeds Of Flesh, Krisium, Blood, Dead Infection and many more. Of course MP performed a few times a gig at festivals as Obscene Extreme, Brutal Assault, Czech Death Fest, Attack Of Fire, Nuclear Storm etc. 

Current line-up:
Vlasta Killy Mahdal - vocals, former member since 1992
Richard Kocur Kocourek - bass guitar, former member,guitarist since1992- 96,  2008 to date                       
Mara Sykora - drums, since 2017,(ex Mincing Fury, Makrab, Deep Throat and Psychopatic Sadism)
Michal Miguel  Růžička - kytara, since 2017, (ex Shaark, DMC)

EX members:
Petr Malus - drums, former member, 1992-96, 2008 - 20011, Tom Bena Benicek  bass guitar, 2009 - 2011, Petr Petka Andrysek - guitar, 1993-96,2008 - 2010, Martin Marthus Skaroupka - drums, tour drummer 2001 (Cradle Of Filth, Titanic, Masterplan, Happy Death...), Jindra Otyn Tománek - guitar, 1997-2001 (Pigsty, Hellyum), Petr Christopher Krystof - guitar (ex Krabathor, ex Martyr), David Mensa Mensík - guitar,1997-2004(ex No Promises, ex Hypnos, Hellyum), Olda Vytrhlik - drums, 1997-2004 (ex DMC, ex Radical Mentaly,ex Internal Hate,Fear Of Methanol), Pepa Ciganek- (popstar studio drummer, ex Team, Wayn, Titanic, Karel Gott, Helena Vondrackova…), Petr Pistek -guitar (ex Infanticide, Draco Hypnalis) David Sitic Szitaj (ex Nikdy Dost ), Robert Wassa Wasseubauer (ex Tartaros).


Release date Release name Media
2011 Tribute Törr - Institut Černého Kovu – song Exorcis
2010 End Of Vermin Nations CD
2004 Dreamkillers CD
2002 Global Terrorization CD
2000 Evil Planet Full-length
1999 Inconsistent World Full-length
1996 Recompense to Saints Full-length
1996 10 Years After ... A Tribute To Cliff Burton – song Battery
1994 Wretched People in the Real World Split
1993 Creations from a Morbid Society Split
1992 Melancholy Pessimism DEMO


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