The only Powerviolence band in Italy, two basses abusing high distortions on a metallic blast beat while a schizo voice screams corrosive shots against policy, pollution, capitalism, consumerism, brutality of mankind,using the unstoppable weapon of irony.

Born from the ashes of 90's Italian Hard Core school, in REPULSIONE sound you can find mostly grindcore mixed with crust/HC influences and thrash deformities. The band members are obsessed by velocity, their aim is to be the fastest band on Earth.

If you like when someone shouts in your neighbourhood, if you think that 400 BPM are not enough and if you have every spent once in your lifetime an entire night in front of your washing machine in spin-drying cycle thinking : "Yeah!Sounds good!" - you will love REPULSIONE.

How almighty BRUTAL TRUTH said,"still not loud enough,still not fast enough!". Powerviolence is the fastest non-motorized sport on Earth. DIY! Enjoy the masked mob!!!


Band biographies are often boring,we'll try to do a short one avoiding you getting old reading it. In late 2003 Matteo a.k.a. Headcrashing Chainsaw(bass),Sorre Throat(growls),Giorgio(guitar) and Ale(drum),four young guys based in Bologna,North Italy,decided it was time to create some noise and chaos in their city polluted by useless emocore and post-indie bands,bringing to life a band called Repulsione,name that wants to evoke the anger of 80's Italian HC atmosphere. Starting from a simple and "traditional" Italian HC style the band became more and more aggressive and fast,spreading cleaver music in every DIY reality like squats,libertarian and anarchist communities,DIY festivals,bringing on angry messages of freedom and criticism against western society in the vein of true HC style. In 2005,after a memorable gig in Bologna with Beyond Description,Giorgio and Ale left the band because of inscrutable reasons,when the young band was at its best. The President of Thrash,the biggest Repulsione fan and singer of infamous crust band Disfatta,got a phone call from Headcrashing Chainsaw and Sorre Throat and in few minutes he became the new Repulsione drummer. Unfortunately it was very hard to find a new guitarist in the small Bologna HC scene,so the three kids decided to experience the power trio formula,abolishing guitar sound and starting to play faster and more distorted music. So,between 2005 and 2006 our sound moved from extreme HC into grindcore,introducing raw and fuzzy bass sound distortions,feral blast beats and tons of visceral growls. In searching for a more thick and deep,dull sound,in late 2006 repulsione asked to Tex a.k.a. the Right Hand of Satan a.k.a. Ill Cane to join the mob as second bassist,creating an unusual combination of two distorted basses and inventing a personal mix of grind,HC and thrashcore,becoming the first and only Powerviolence band in Shitaly. In 2007 Repulsione released first two 7" split,with A.O.N. and Sick Terror,and did first European tour with close friends 2 Minuta Dreka,touching a lot of countries,cities,clubs and squats across Europe. In 2009,after releasing full cd "The beginning of violence" and after our second European tour with Cancer Spreading,Sorre Throat decided to leave the band and leave Italy too,looking for a better time in Spain. Some weeks later Gabri,Cancer Spreading and Terror Firmer vocalist,joined Repulsione for some months giving us a inexpressible help,playing some good shows(like the one with Sakatat) and recording two 7" splits,with Komatoz and with legendary Violent Headache. In the last days of 2009 finally we found a definitive new singer,Postnuclear Drunk Warrior,a rock'n'roll hero with ultra-corrosive and caustic scream style with the unsane passion for excessively fast music. In 2010 Repulsione toured across Greece(April) and Belgium/Holland(November) and in July 2010 we had our third European tour,spreading again mordant messages about ecology,policy and inner growth and sharing the stage with bands like Iron Lung,Ramming Speed,Meinhof and Komatoz,partecipating also at Play Fast Or Don't Fest vol 7. While i'm writing 2010 is ending.In these days is going out brand new 7" split with SMG,and at beginning of 2011 will be out also 7" split with Terror Of Dynamite Attack(both bands from Indonesia),and we're writing just now new songs for our LP that will be out in the second half of 2011. Well,keep in touch with us.Repulsione wants to see your ears bleeding under OEF 2011 stage!

Line up:

Headcrashing Chainsaw: Bass

The President of Thrash : Drums

Ill Cane : Bass

Postnclear Drunk Warrior : Throat


Release date Release name Media
2011 split 7” with SMG
2010 split 7" with Violent Headache
2010 split tape with Gorgonized Dorks


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