Well, this is todays grindcore from Požega (Croatia). A band known for crusty and grinding chaos in their past has changed their sound, becoming more technical yet keeping the DIY punk edge. There can be heard some influences from the early grind metal over later intense hc/crust to todays extreme music, but instead of predictable cloning Dislike managed to go in it's own direction.


It all started back to 1997. in Požega, a small Croatian city which improved Croatian underground scene from it's begining (early eighties). Dislike started as a classic dis crust project (Doom, Discharge, Hiatus, ...) and the name of the so called project was influenced by hundreds of other DIS-named bands, as well. After few gigs Dislike recorded their first demo which was released as a split tape with Czech grind crust band Mrtva Budoucnost. A tape was called "Hell Is Here" (1998.). Few years later they recorded second material and it was released as a 4 way tape named "Crust Is Dead" (2001.) featuring 3 more bands from Požega (Starvation, Fight Back and Apatridi). At the begining of 2006. Dislike has self-released a CD called "Ctrl" which presents their music style transformations. Through all those years of playing, drinking and smoking, their music style has changed and transformed into more metal and more grind. Today, Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Extreme Noise Terror or Terrorizer style can be found in Dislike music but instead of predictable cloning Dislike managed to go in it's own direction including some special melodies and crust-punk riffs from their past.

Dislike has passed few line-up changes and several time-outs but still they had played numerous gigs, festivals and mini tours in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, ... sharing stages and backstages with bands like Total Fucking Destruction, Mastic Scum, Mrtva Budoucnost, Alienation Mental, Poppy Seed Grinder, Magrudergrind, Human Error, Cliteater, Isacaarum, Gutted, Psychotic Despair, Bolesno Grinje, Desinence Mortification and others.

Beside Dislike, it's members are playing or have been playing in other bands from Požega (Drob, Nonsense, Sprovod, Starvation, No Name, Defiant, Loš Primjer, Nepravda, Fight Back, Gruuthaagy, Senseless, ...). They are also into gig or tour booking in Požega and Croatia.

Right now, the band is in the process of finishing few last songs for their next studio experience which will be presented as a new release by Get High Or Die Records from Slovenia.

Line-up :

Dena - drums

Smole - vocal

File - bass guitar + vocal

Gera - guitar + vocal


Release date Release name Media
0 DISLIKE - "Ctrl" CD
0 "Crust is dead" ( DISLIKE / FIGHT BACK / STARVATION / APATRIDI ) 4 way tape
0 "Hell is here" ( DISLIKE / MRTVA BUDOUCNOST ) split tape


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