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Formed in 1997 by the core line-up of guitarist/vocalist SEAN 'BLOODBATH' MCGRATH and drummer RAUL VARELA as California's answer to a particularly European sickness created by Carcass, IMPALED spread their razor-edged goregrind contagion across four full-lengths and splits with the likes of Cephalic Carnage, Engorged and Haemorrhage.

Not unafraid of blending Swedish and Floridian style death metal showmanship into their reek of putrefaction, this genre-straddling ethic and genuine hunger for the best of extreme metal propelled the through the bloodstream and to the heart of the US underground, and their current line-up, completed by guitarist/vocalist DR JASON KOKOL and bassist/vocalist ROSS SEWAGE, can boast past and present membership in the likes of ENGORGED, EXHUMED, GHOUL, PHOBIA and MORBISIDAD.

Don your surgical scrubs and knock back the antibiotics, because OBSCENE EXTREME 2011 is set for virulent outbreak of deathly goregrind sickness!!!


Impaled was begat in 1997 by guitarist / vocalist Sean McGrath and drummer Raul Varela. They were intent on creating a cacophony that would make ears bleed and the weak beg for mercy. Joined by Leon del Muerte on guitar / vocals along with Ross Sewage on bass / vocals, the quartet went on to record the legendarily disgusting debut record, "The Dead Shall Dead Remain."

The underground was soaked in bile as the band toured the U.S. extensively and released the "Choice Cuts" EP, infamous for its banned artwork. Leon del Muerte was subsequently replaced by Andrew LaBarre on guitar / vocals, and the endeadened group went on to record the much-lauded "Mondo Medicale" LP.

Slicing and dicing across the U.S. some more while concurrently releasing a string of EPs and splits was too much for LaBarre, and Impaled found guitar ingenue Jason Kocol to step in. The goretet released their concept record "Death After Life" and laid waste to crowds in America, Mexico, Europe, and Japan.

In 2007, stronger than ever, Impaled coughed up their fourth record, "The Last Gasp," and the world rued the day Impaled was begat. Having toured the world over for this release, including the U.S., Europe, Canada and Mexico, Impaled's legions of followers grew stronger.

Currently, Impaled plots and schemes and will one day TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!


Release date Release name Media
2009 Impaled - Tribute to repulsion comp CD CD
2007 Impaled - The Last Gasp album
2005 Impaled - Death After Life album


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