OBSCENE EXTREME is all about the family. You play and you become a part of the family, and you buy a ticket and you become a part of the family too. Novi Sad, Serbia's floor-pounding NOMINAL ABUSE are cousins twice over.

Bloodbrothers with CRIPPLE BASTARDS, their vocalist's savage contortions underline their place in the same venomous grind familytree, but while GIULIO THE BASTARD is a cutting tool plunged deep into your eardrums, NIKOLA is a bludgeoning force, supported by a searing mixture of blasting death/grind, modern hardcore power and incendiary crust atmospheres like a cross between INTEGRITY, MISERY INDEX and HIS HERO IS GONE.

If OBSCENE EXTREME 2011 is a family reunion, then it's going to be a messy one.


Band was created in 1999. under the name No Abuse in order to create very powerful sound based on old grindcore formula. In 2000. we record the first demo called “Jebeni Napredak” ("Fucking Progress") and after that our sound has evolved and changed. We put some hardcore elements in songs. A year later we made the new material which appeared as a split release with croatian band Senate Fox. We changed name to Nominal Abuse, arranged two split 7” releases with Archagathus & Wadge which will probably come out at the first half of 2011. year for the following labels/co-releasing labels: Grindfather Productions, Grind Block Records, Pan Del Muerte Records, Drink And Be Merry, Drop Out Records, Extreme Terror Production... Also, we have found the new great drummer and long awaited album is in the mixing process. This is the best and most creative line-up we ever had. Over the years the band has blasted our way through several demo’s splits, played many gigs in Serbia.


Igor – guitar

Nikola – vocals

Filip – bass

Zoltan - drums


Release date Release name Media
2011 w/Archagathus 7"
2011 w/Wadge 7"
2007 Novi Sad Hardcore CD


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