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Everybody shit now. DEBUSTROL is here!!!

On May 12th 1988 a memorable concert called "Death Metal Session" took place in Vltavska cultural house on which I was absolutely smashed by the show of Debustrol. Simply an experience you cannot forget. Not long after this great start of DEBUSTROL in the scene the boys released no less important demo titled "Vyznani Smrti".

Those who were not there in Vltavska at that time do not have to be desperate – DEBUSTROL are going to play this famous demo completely from the first to the last song at this year OEF. You have a unique oportunity to experience the atmosphere of that time…belive me it is worth checking out!!!


Band DEBUSTROL has been established in 1986. It belonged to the first metal bands in the former Czechoslovakia which were under constant attack and oppresion of the regime before finding the way through to the stages. They have been already succesfully performing for 24 years since then. Rightly they are considered the founder and creator of the Czech thrash metal history and still there are leading the current and future direction of Czech metal.

During their existence, eleven records, one live maxi singl and DVD was worked out. Debustrol was opener at czech tour of group DESTRUCTION, in 1995 played in KD Eden together with RAMMSTEIN and CLAWFINGER and on 9/13/1998, opened (very successfuly) the concert of storied band IRON MAIDEN in Prague, on 06/09/2009 played in Pilsner with MUNICIPAL WASTE. Beyond that, Debustrol also run it‘s own concert tour - visited by high number of fans, took a part on prestigious summer festivals - Brutal Assault, Basinfirefest, Apocalyptic Form of Death, Obscene Extreme, Masters of Rock, Czech Rock Block, Noc plna hvezd , Benatská Noc, Dynamo North Power Jam...

Brief survey of history and discography:

1986 Singer and guitarist Kolins together with drumer Melmus set up the band. Later they were joined by the bassguitarist Charvos. The style followed by the band at that time is described by Kolins like the "ultra mosh".

1987 The band welcomed another guitarist Trifid. In November that year the band took part in the regional round of Rockfest which was attended by more than 500 people. The performance was met with a very positive reaction by most of the audience. In that year the first unofficial demo called "Nukleární pozdravy" ("Nuclear greetings") was released.

1988 Debustrol was joined by another bassguitarist Cizák. The participation in the festival Death Metal Session is for the band an amazing experience and also success . Encouraged by the succes they decided to recorded their first official demo "Vyznání smrti" (Confessions for the Death) (1988, demo) - cult a unique record not only by the former Czechoslovak standards. The record sparked a wave of euforia. The demo was made in the provisional conditions - in the basement of a "cultural house" in Mladá Boleslav assisted by the local sound engineer of the Adolf Langhanse orchestra. Thanks to the starting fanclub the record found its way to the listeners.

1991 A new drummer Trůka joined. 15/09/1990 was present at the festival of Metal Massacre in Litvínov, after which the band left for the Ostrava to record sampler Ultra Metal, where Miloš "Dodo" Doležal came into the contact with the band. In November 1990 the first studio album was being recorded. Neuropatolog (Neuropathologist) (1991, Monitor EMI) - first official album and one of the most succesful albums ever. It was proved by the Czech television corporation (Czech public television) offer to make a video-clip. Single "Údolí Hádu" was chosen. The album was ranked 16th on the most bought titels for the year 1991. Shortly after that, another succes followed. The band won the competion of the most favourite metal band in Černá vrána. By that time Debustrol opened its door to another talented drummer Reisich and together participated in the Heavy metal competition in Vienna. Mini LP "Protest Live" is released.

1992 Preparation of the second studio album almost finished. Svět co zatočí s tebou (World which fix wagon with you) (1992, Monitor EMI) - second oficial album with outstanding sound and the overall conception. According to the opinions of many fans this album is touched by a very special "flavor" and its artistic level escaped its boundaries. A video-clip was made for the title single "Svět co zatočí s tebou". Another victory in the competition of Černá vrána in 1992.

1994 Chytrá past (Smart trap) (1994, Popron Music) - this album might be considered as an attempt or a project to distinguish off the previous production. Members showed that they are able to cover anothers kinds of music. A video-clip for the song "Něco mi schází" ("Something I miss") was made. After the completion of the album the band was joined by a new drummer Herr Miler.

1995 Preparations for the new album started. The one responsible for the succes of the album was Kolins. Vyhlazení (Extermination) (1995, Monitor EMI) - another ground-braking album is based on the roots of the clasic style and lyrics. The album is supported by a number of concerts. Debustrol was an opener at czech tour of group DESTRUCTION, in 1995 played in KD Eden together with RAMMSTEIN and CLAWFINGER.

1996 By the end of this year the band celibrated its 10-year anniversary. On that occasion a concert was hold on "Metal Christmas" in the widely famous Prague club Barča.

1997 At the beginning of the year Trifid and Cizák are replaced by guitarist Volák and bassguitarist Zed.

1998 Pád do hrobu mrtvol (Fall to the tomb of dead bodies) (1998, Happy Music) - album is characteristic by its unusual inovative and experimental features. The band participated in the number of festivals and 13/09/1998 in "Small sport hall in Prague" is the forerunner of the IRON MAIDEN.

1999 Herr Miler left Debustrol and experienced Skull II. joined. (ex. KRYPTOR, SYNDROM). Apokalismus (1999, Happy Music) - direct, controversial, rhytmically diverse album became one the most "mature" albums in the whole discography. This was supported by a positive feedback of the listeners.

2001 Preparation of a new album is about to start in the summer of 2001. Steak (2001, Sokol´s Power Voice) - another album which embraced higher level of experimental dimensions, dynamics and immense diversity of the melody and lyrics. Completely new digital technology was used.

2002 Guitarist Volák left the band and because of it as of January 2003 the band acts in three.

2005 Guitarist Trifid comes back to the band and new album is originating. Přerushit ! (2005, Sokol´s Power Voice) - this album is conceived as a big concert down-the-line... No sound effects, no experimentation. Power consists in simplicity and suitability... For song „Masoterian" was made video- clip.

2006 Origination from XX. let totálního massakru (20 years of total massacre) (DVD, 2006, Sokol´s Power Voice) - DVD records the concert in KD (Cultural house) Opatov, profile of the band history in their "natural" environement, the unique contemporary documents and extras like video-clips and miscellaneous acoustic performances.

2009 Rwanda (CD+DVD 2009, Sokol´s Power Voice) - so far the last studio album which returns back to its deep roots. Besides the music album, the complete history of the band is to be find there. A video-clip for the song „Rwanda" was made.

2010 After 11 years, Skull II. left the band and in May 2010 is replaced by Herr Miller. The band has 30-40 concerts on the average every year all over Czech Republic and Slovakia. The band takes part in large summer festivals of music, along with bands from others countries of world.


Release date Release name Media
2009 Rwanda
2005 Prerushit
2003 Vyznani Smrti


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