If you haven't heard the name before, you'll certainly know their history.


Now made up of former members of CATTLE DECAPTIATION, MISERY INDEX, PIG DESTROYER and ex-DYING FETUS, Maryland, USA's pugnacious STRONG INTENTION have been active since the '90s, but have shifted from traditional floorpunching NYHC into more visceral, dark and dirty territory – evidenced by tours with CRIPPLE BASTARDS, PHOBIA, ROTTEN SOUND, EYEHATEGOD and IMPALED. Releasing their new album "Razorblade Express" in late 2012 and contributing a track to POWER IT UP's DISRUPT tribute in 2013, STRONG INTENTION are exactly the kind of hardcore/grindcore band OBSCENE EXTREME deserves – fast, nasty and heavier than rockslide.


Formed in the mid nineties , STRONG INTENTION continues to deliver brutal thrash/grind/hardcore/punk fueled by extreme speed, heaviness, and disgust. Taking the influences of NAPALM DEATH, AGNOSTIC FRONT, INFEST, DRI, COC, EYEHATEGOD, DISCHARGE, MOTORHEAD and putting them together to create what has been called: HARDCORE/GRIND/THRASH/PUNK TERRORISM !! The band's earliest incarnation found itself h eavily Influenced by classic NYHC outfits such as AGNOSTIC FRONT, BREAKDOWN, and the CRO-MAGS, and released the What's At Stake demo in 1994. These early recordings aligned the band with ultra-tough heavy hardcore represented in Maryland by NEXT STEP UP and GUT INSTINCT. But by 1995, issues of focus took their toll on the lineup, leaving then-guitarist Zac as the only original member, and putting the band into a year-long hiatus. In 1996, the band re-formed around a new core lineup, and the new members brought a new, diverse range of ideas and influences to the band. Gradually writing faster and faster material, the band released a debut 7" EP in 1997 on Crucial Blast. This EP was a minor departure from the earlier heavy NYHC hardcore the band had been known for; as the newer material was much faster and moved Zac over to lead vocals. After the EP was released, STRONG INTENTION continued to go through a myriad of lineup changes throughout the 90's; yet managed to tour the US and Canada 5 times.


Through all of this, the band's sound has continued to shift more and more towards the harshest ends of the underground extreme hardcore / metal spectrum, as well as cultivate a thoroughly apocalyptic worldview. Other acts of terrorism have included the May 2002 STRONG INTENTION / CRIPPLE BASTARDS East Coast tour, a 14 song CD entitled Extermination Vision, released on the European label COALITION RECORDS, and a split EP with Germany's Y. Between 2000-2002, the band has also released their debut LP/CD, What Else Can We Do..., as well as the 10 song 7" EP Each Day Lived An Act Of Defiance on California label SIX WEEKS. Strong Intention also completed a May 2004 East Coast tour with PHOBIA and ROTTEN SOUND (Finalnd) and completed a 40day US summer tour with crossover legends D.R.I. 2005 saw more touring from S.I. , including 2 US tours and about 75 shows for the year. In 2006 the band did a Feb/March US tour with NEURAXIS (Prosthetic), which included west coast dates with IMPALED and DISFEAR and marked the bands first show ever in MEXICO. The band followed up that tour with an east coast/midwest tour with DISFEAR,MISERY INDEX, PHOBIA and 9 SHOCKS TERROR. It was definitely a career high point as far as touring goes. Once the tour was completed the band went into the studio with STEVE AUSTIN (TODAY IS THE DAY) and worked on the follow up to Extermination Vision. 18 songs were recorded and 2013 will finally see the release of the new full length 2007-2012 saw the band doing more US tours with EXTREME NOISE TERROR, PHOBIA, VITAL REMAINS, EYEHATEGOD and ANAL CUNT, MISERY INDEX, LOCK UP & GOATWHORE.


Release date Release name Media
2012 Razor Blade Express 7" CD
2004 Split 7" EP w. Solid Decline VENDETTA EP


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