The Scandinavian bands at Obscene Extreme Festival are almost a 100% warranty of quality and fun. No matter if grind/death metal squads or bands that tend more to punk. It will not be different this year.


MAKABERT FYND originate from Stockholm and have been playing their käng since 2008. Their line-up has stabilised after some personal changes (now ex-members of Krigshot, Totalitär or Skitsystem) and in recent years they play gigs hard, drive around Europe in their van, record and release albums as much as their decrepit bodies endure (albums on Yellow Dog Record or D-Takt & Raw Punk Records be the evidence). Those who like classical Scandinavian hardcore a la Mob 47 or Totalitär will be very pleased for sure!!!


Formed in Stockholm, Sweden, the members of Makabert Fynd first got together in 2008 to play a little. It was just meant to be a sideprojekt since the members all were in other bands at the time. With two lead singers and a three-piece punk band to back them up, Makabert Fynd quickly made a positive impression on the crowds at their first gigs. Playing furious classic hardcore/scandi-style with Poffen (the voice of Totalitär, Krigshot etc...) being one of the singers they recorded their first 7" released on the American label Flat Black Records. Shortly after that another 7" was released and then the debut LP "Onskans Natur". At this point Makabert Fynd had started to tour and play a lot of live shows so some of the original members had to leave because they were already busy playing in bands like Vicious Art and Crucifyre. Kalle (drummer boy from Skitsystem) was recruited.


A west coast American tour followed as well as three more European tours. Another two LP's were made and a split LP. Add to that several more 7”s! Being real busy as a band a fourth album is in the making and will be out right on time for OEF 2013. When Makabert Fynd take their raging hardcore-punk attack to the Czech Republic this summer make sure you'll be there!


Release date Release name Media
2012 Turist I Tillvaron Vol.4 CD
2012 Ondskans Flint - Ondskans Flint EP
2011 Makabert Fynd / Tortyr 7” Split EP EP
2011 Glöm Dä! / Makabert Fynd Split 12” LP
2011 Makabert Fynd ‎– S/T LP LP


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