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Precisely the sort of band that makes DARKTHRONE’S Fenriz lose his mind, Czech crust unit MÖRKHIMMEL smash together classic proto-black metal - VENOM, HELLHAMMER and BATHORY - and classic D-beat - DISCHARGE, DISFEAR and DISGUST - and it’s only thanks to a steady stream of line-up shuffles as members moved around the that they have caved your face in with their snarling riff attack before!


Armed with 2012 full-length “Zloskřivec” on INSANE SOCIETY records and a May 2013 UK tour, and MÖRKHIMMEL are hitting OBSCENE EXTREME 2013 to crack their knuckles, shred hard, and rotate every crucifix they can find!!!


MORKHIMMEL started in 2007 as a project between two purposeless beings, namely Slavek (ex - MASSGENOCIDE PROCESS) and Maťko (ex - BETON, S.I.K.A.). Our early influences were dis-beat bandssuch as DISCHANGE, DISFEAR, BOMBRAID, and DISGUST on one side, and black metal bands such as DARK THRONE, HELLHAMMER, VENOM, and BATHORY on the other. With two members and a drum machine, we recorded the s/t demo, which was released in 2008.


Yatro (bass) and New Zealander Tony (drums) join the band in 2008. Maťka mauls 6 strings and Slavek wrecks vocal chords. In this line-up, we tour the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. In 2009, we record the debut LP "Sheep in the Labyrinth," which is released in 2010 with the help of many distributors in France, Sweden, Holland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Yatro leaves the band and is replaced by Ethan (GUIDED CRADLE, HELLSHOCK). After a number of concerts, the band takes a hiatus in early 2010. Tony returns to New Zealand, Ethan goes back to the USA, and Maťka becomes a father.


During our hiatus, the re-mastered demo is released on vinyl as "In the Shadow of the City" by French label Shogoon recordings.


In early 2011, MORKHIMMEL emerges from the tomb and starts rehearsing again, with Slavek as the only remaining original member. David plays guitar, Hawran is on drums (both from THEMA ELEVEN and MOTHER), and Andy (ex-ÚL!) mauls bass. We start working on new material and in September, 2011, the band is playing live concerts once more. In October 2011, Eva (ex-NUIT, KODET) joins the band. In this (broadened) line-up, MORKHIMMEL tours Scandinavia. Further concerts follow in the Czech Republic. The new LP "Zloskřivec" was recorded in Hellsound studio (in March and April, 2012) and released by Insane Society records on 06.21.2012.


Eva leaves the band in the summer of 2012. Honza takes her place on second guitar (VÁCLAV KLAUS, ex LA PROSPÉRITÉ). With the new MORKHIMMEL record, we tour CR, SR, Germany, Poland, followed byWestern Europe (D, B, CH) in October. New (even more death) songs emerge as well as plans for 2013: the release of a split 7" with EWIG FROST (Austria) , a UK tour in May and a performance at Obscene Extreme fest in the Summer. We also plan to record a new album at Hellsound towards the end of the year.



Release date Release name Media
2012 Zloskřivec LP
2010 In The Shadow Of The City LP
2009 Sheep In The Labyrinth LP
2008 Morkhimmel s/t CD


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