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With Black Sabbath back to ruin music for everyone, we need the OBSCENE EXTREME DOOM FEST morethan ever!

Creeping from their crypt to complete the line-up, New Jersey's EVOKEN are kings of the US funeral doom scene and they come armed with a new album five years in the making, and released through cult underground label PROFOUND LORE.

With "Atra Mors" as an undisputed high point in their career, EVOKEN are going to drag DOOM FEST to all new gloomy lows.


Evoken, a New Jersey extreme doom band, was formed in 1992 by guitarist Nick Orlando and drummer Vince Verkay, and released their first two-song rehearsal demo that same year. After several ups and downs and a name change to Asmodeus, ex Grim Legion guitarist/vocalist John Paradiso joined the band in August of 1994. With a fresh lineup, the band decided to change it's name, for good, back to Evoken, and in October of 1994 recorded their first demo/EP "Shades of Night Descending".

In 1998 and with interest from an up-and-coming Elegy Records of New Jersey, the band re-entered the studio to record their now cult debut LP, "Embrace the Emptiness". Later in that same year, the band also recorded "Strange World" for an Iron Maiden tribute album released on Dwell records. In 2000, Evoken recorded again for Dwell records, but this time it was "Snowblind" for a Black Sabbath tribute.

"Quietus", Evoken's second full-length album was released in 2001, and in 2002 another demo. After these deep notches in Evoken's time line, the band embarked on a small, but very successful European tour. During March of 2004, Evoken entered the studio once again to record their third full-length album, "Antithesis of Light".

2006 found itself with the long awaited, and often rumored re-release of "Embrace the Emptiness" on Solitude Productions of Russia. In 2007, Evoken found it's newest home with I Hate Records of Sweden. November 2007 came with the release of "A Caress of the Void", which has received some of the bands most positive reviews from the media and fans alike.

2009 brought 4 new recorded tracks, 3 new and 1 old, for a split released on I Hate Records with Beneath the Frozen Soil, and Evoken's second successful European tour with band mates Isole and Officium Triste. Evoken also recorded the track "Yet the Watchers Guard" for the Lovecraftian gods of Doom, Thergothon. The 1994 cult classic "Shades of Night Descending" was remastered and re-released, with new artworkcourtesy of Robert Hoyem and At the Ends Design.

In 2010, the split EP with Beneath the Frozen Soil via I Hate Records was released, and Peaceville Records also re-released both "Quietus" and "Antithesis of Light" with bonus material and unreleased demo and rehearsal recordings from 2000. 2010 also saw the invite to play at Roadburn Festival by curator Tom G. Warrior, but the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull had other plans when it erupted and flights were cancelled, leaving the members of Evoken grounded in the United States.

Finally, in 2011, Evoken was able to perform with an amazing and well-received set at Roadburn Festival. After being unable to attend the year prior, Roadburn Festival extended their invitation to the band again to play the next fest.

Fast forward to 2012, and Evoken has recorded the new album "Atra Mors", released via Profound Lore Records; one of the current highest respected labels. "Atra Mors has not only received the best reviews to date, with an increase in their fan-base, but the album is also Profound Lore's milestone 100th release. This release showcases Evoken's return to their doom/death metal roots, meanwhile also creating music for 20 years now.. More up and coming endeavors are on the bleak horizon. Evoken have been invited to not only be a part of Decibel Magazine's 100th issue celebration this coming January with Repulsion, Pig Destroyer, Tombs among others, but will also be a part of U.S extreme metal festival the "Maryland Deathfest" . Tours for Europe and the U.S in support of "Atra Mors" is currently in the works.


Release date Release name Media
2012 Atra Mors CD
2011 Evoken / Beneath The Frozen Soil ‎ CD
2010 A Caress of the Void LP
2009 Shades Of Night Descending ‎ CD
2006 Embrace the Emptiness ‎ CD


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