BETON Slovakia

BETON - Radler Punx on Acidko


Dirt!!! This is the word that comes to the surface when listening to this Slovakian five-piece band called BETON!!! As they say themselves "purity is for constrained shitheads" and they rolling us with sick metalpunk, where drums going in d-tact and guitars load one heavy death metal riff after another!!!

BETON will be at Obscene Extreme festival for the second time and we believe their set will be even better than the one from 2013 when they stomped us into the red ground!!! This is going to be a banger!!!


2004 - start
2006 - eu tour w/CAD

2007 - split CD w/CAD on Totalpunk recs(Rus)
2008 - split CD w/CAD, 2nd press on SMYT recs(Fra)

2009 - split LP w/CAD,
eu tour w/MORKHIMMEL

2010 - split 7"ep w/BESTHOVEN on T.S.C. Recs(Svk)

2013 - split 7"ep w/SKELETON on Ultima Ratio recs(Cze)

2014 - Konsky Kokot CD onTotalpunk recs.(rus
2016 – Konsky Kokot LP on Phobia recs(Cze)
Brazil tour

2017 - discography CD on Mundo en Kaos recs(Mex)
Mexico tour
2018 – split LP w/ROXOR(Insane Society recs, Phobia recs)
2019 – discography tapes on Haunted Hotel recs(Usa), Bullwhip 

USA/CAN tour + Maryland Deathfest

2021 – recording new album to be out on Slovak Metal Army recs(Svk)


Release date Release name Media
2021 recording new album to be out on Slovak Metal Army recs
2019 discography MC
2018 split LP w/ROXOR LP
2017 discography CD
2016 Konsky Kokot LP LP
2014 Konsky Kokot CD CD
2013 split 7"ep w/SKELETON EP
2010 split 7"ep w/BESTHOVEN EP
2009 split LP w/CAD LP
2008 split CD w/CAD, 2nd press CD
2007 split CD w/CAD CD


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