Formed by NASUM drummer ANDERS JAKOBSON in 2006, Sweden's deathgrind champions COLDWORKER have made good on his legacy, with three albums, and splits with the likes of DEATH BOUND, ANTIGAMAand PIG DESTROYER, quickly establishing them as a furious force in their own right.

Mixing Swedish and American death metal and grindcore in a truly idiosyncratic fashion on 2012's third full-length "The Doomsayer's Cult", COLDWORKER are set to batter the eardrums of OBSCENE EXTREME 2013 with a driving wall of punchy guitars and jaw-dropping technical proficiency.


Coldworker was formed in Örebro, Sweden, early 2006 by Anders Jakobson (drums), Anders Bertilsson (guitar) and Oskar Pålsson (bass). Coming from different parts of the metal world, ideas were shared to make up the Coldworker sound of grindcore based death metal. During a spring filled with numerous rehearsals and intense song-writing, the line-up was completed by André Alvinzi (guitar) and Joel Fornbrant (vocals). The band got signed by Relapse Records and just four months after the formation of the band, the debut album “The Contaminated Void” was recorded by the band themselves, and mixed by Dan Swanö in Soundlab Studios. Following the release of the album, the band did a smaller Scandinavian tour with Arch Enemy and Path Of No Return. André Alvinzi was replaced by Daniel Schröder and the band went to play at the Finnish Metal Expo in Helsinki before embarking on a larger European tour supporting Misery Index and Dew-Scented.

The second album “Rotting Paradise” was recorded during the 2007-2008 winter in a number of different studios and yet again mixed by Dan Swanö. The album displayed a development of the Coldworker sound with stronger songs and a heavier production. Following the release of the album, the band played in Sweden and Scandinavia with The Black Dahlia Murder among others. After a long song-writing processColdworker entered a number of studios during the 2010-2011 winter to record their third and strongest album yet, again with their long-time collaborator Dan Swanö doing the final mix and master. “The Doomsayer’s Call” includes the best examples of the Coldworker sound to date, where intense blastbeats meet heaviness and grooves with eerie melodies and overall catchy songs. It took a long time to complete the songs and the goal was to create strong individual songs that combined make up a really strong Swedish death metal album.

“The Doomsayer’s Call” was released by Listenable Music worldwide in February of 2012.


Release date Release name Media
2012 “The Doomsayer’s Call” CD, LP
2009 “Tribute to Nasum” CD, LP
2009 Coldworker/Deathbound, split 7” EP EP
2009 “Tribute to Repulsion” CD, LP
2008 “Rotting Paradise” CD, LP
2007 Pig Destroyer/Coldworker/Antigama, split 7” EP EP
2006 ”The Contaminated Void” CD, LP


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