What is OEF without crust and punk? Genre diversity is the main trademark of this legendary festival, it belongs to OEF like dirty denim vest full of patches to thrash metal maniac. This year will be no different.

Prague´s d-beat / punk band Fear Of Extinction will finnish their common tour with swedish crustiesMakabert Fynd (with ex-members from Totalitär in line-up) very stylish - with show on OEF stage. Short, loud and dirty! Tribute to old good scandinavian hardcore like Crude SS or Anti-Cimex!!!


Formed in Prague in 2009 with members and ex-members from bands like Jonestown, A-Brigade, Bickles Cab, Truth Decay or Demarche with Phobia Records owner on vocals. After some gigs they recorded in 2010 ten songs which were used for Demo tape and two 7”EPs (2011 and 2012). In the beginning of 2011 former drummer left the band and he moved back to UK. Chose replaced his seat, they took 2nd guitarist too. In February 2012 they toured Europe (Winter Extinction) and in November 2012 finally recorded their new material which will be used for split 7”EP with Swedish d-beat / punk monsters Makabert Fynd (for their common upcoming tour) and death metal / punk commando March Of The Hordes. Start of 2013 was full of changes. Former bassplayer left the band and they did their first UK trip (Eastern Extinction) without him. But current line-up has new member (on bass…) and Fear Of Extinction still wanna kick your ass with their noisy d-beat / punk!


Release date Release name Media
2013 Fear Of Extinction LP
2013 Fear Of Extinction / March Of The Hordes split 7“EP EP
2013 Fear Of Extinction / Makabert Fynd split 7“EP EP
2012 Fear Of Extinction – Winter Extinction Tour 7“EP EP
2011 Fear Of Extinction - S/T 7” EP EP


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