Self-proclaimed masters of 'GastroGrind', with a song for all combinations of the Czech Republic's nationaldish, it's only right that SMASHING DUMPLINGS should make it to OBSCENE EXTREME 2013 and represent the country's cuisine as well as its groovy grindcore.


Formed in 2008 by EX and current members of UNCLEAN, FLESHLESS and BLOODY DIARRHOEA in the north of Bohemia, Czech Republic, SMASHING DUMPLINGS cooked up their first CD in 2011, and are determined to serve up their brand of pummelling, grinding savagery from the Battlefield.


Anyone else hungry?


2009 - Smashing Dumplings are born


2010 - First live shows, then many great concerts and festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad


2011 - CD "Gastrogrind" @ Coyote Rec., Russia, recorded in the studio DAVOS (CZ)


2012 - Smashing Dumplings are changing the vocalist (Kícr leaves, Aify comes)


2013 - Russian "VODKA" mini tour (Moscow - Coyote Fest, Bryjansk, Ivanovo…)


Smashing Dumplings are absolutely unique domestic grindcore project that significantly influenced the world musical scene in the last five years, because the band created entirely new musical style called "gastrogrind".


The central theme of all artwork performed by Smashing Dumplings is traditional Czech delicacy - dumplings. Dumplings are individually chanted in every song, virtually machined in all ways with love, from dumplings with cabbage to dumplings as a lump in the throat.


These intrepid and fearless pioneers of gastrogrind will cook their delicious dumplings right for you live at this year´s Obscene Extreme Festival in Trutnov! So there is no other choice than come to Obscene Extreme Festival 2013 and eat it all! Smashing Dumplings are looking forward to serve their dumplings to all OEF freaks! Smashing Dumplings just wish to all their consumers : Enjoy your meal! And be careful! Eating dumplings can be addictive!



Bális - GastroDrums (WYRM,ex-UNCLEAN)

Vichus - GastroGuitars (BLOODY DIARRHOEA)

Pervert - GastroBass (ex-FLESHLESS, ex-OBSESSMENT, ex-DIECHRIST)

Aify - GastroVocals (BLOODY DIARRHOEA)


Release date Release name Media
2011 "Gastrogrind" CD


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