CREPITATION United Kingdom



One of the stalwarts of the UK’s brutal death metal underground, CREPITATION aren’t exactly the most prolific - with geography keeping them apart and their other bands, like CEREBRAL BORE and AMPUTATED keeping them busy - but when they do come together they more than make up for it with their destructive deathgrind assault.

They’re working on new material, but don’t get your hopes up, instead get your fix of CREPITATION at OBSCENE EXTREME 2013!!!


Crepitation are a Brutal Slammin' Death-Grind band. Crepitation's current members live all over the U.K. making the productivity of this outfit less than a sloth on his day off. Currently writing new stupidly annoying material at a snail's pace for a release of some sort or another, but don't hold us twats to anything or ask us when...fook nose like!!! Members appear in the following bands: Neuroma, Cerebral Bore, Cancerous Womb, Amputated, Disfortune, Kastrated and Scatorgy.


Release date Release name Media
2012 Glasgow Smash EP EP
2006 North West Slam Fest CD


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