Church-baiting, crucifix-rotating death metal duo CHRIST DENIED are not only back together, but are finally making their live debut after over 20 years!

Led by two of Spain's gore royalty, AVULSED's Dave Rotten on vocals, and INFECTED FLESH's Roger (replacing the original drummer/instrumentalist) on everything else, 2013 will finally see the cult band release their second album, the follow-up to 1996's "...Got What He Deserved", and make their triumphant return to the very heart of the underground at OBSCENE EXTREME 2013.


CHRIST DENIED is a two-men project band originally formed by David Nigger (ex-INTOXICATION) on guitars, bass and programming and Dave Rotten (AVULSED) on vocals & band concept.

The whole thing started back in early '94 when D. Nigger showed to D. Rotten some songs that he entirely did (without vocals) for INTOXICATION, but at that time, this band was nearly dead, so then became the idea of doing this project with the sole purpose of making truly brutal Death Metal without any other kind of influences, just maintaining this style in its purest form.

All songs are written by D. Nigger who after recording them on his own 4-tracker, gives to D. Rotten a rough version to put in the vocals and lyric parts. In late May '94, with just having only two songs (one even without vocals!!), they were recorded to their friend Olaf from MORBID RECORDS in Germany with the aim of letting him to listen how CHRIST DENIED sounded like, but surprisingly he replied offering to do a double split 7"EP with another Grind band. Of course, this deal was accepted and two more songs were written to complete their part of the split.

This part is entitled "Thy Horned God" and contains one instrumental intro plus four songs, one of them being a cover of INFERNÄL MÄJESTY. It was recorded on a simple 4-tracker at Nigger's bedroom, and the guitars were played through a 15W amplifier, but the result was really good.

In January '95, even before the split double 7"EP came out, the band received and accepted a deal from another German label called GULLI RECORDS, this time for a full length album.

The album, entitled "...Got What He Deserved", was recorded on 16-tracks at Código Track Studio in October and re-mixed at El Jardín Paramétrico in November '95. It contains 7 new songs plus two from the 7"EP and a cover version of early ONSLAUGHT with their song "Angels of Death". This album has been re-released through Qabalah Prod., a sublabel of Repulse Rec. from Spain, in June '98 with a new layout design and a cover artwork made by Joe Petagno and then again re-issued in March '06 by Russian label Coyote Rec.

In summer '99, a new split 7"EP was supposed be released with US Gods of brutal Death/ Grind MORTICIAN on Qabalah Prod., but this band decided not to do it in the last minute for reasons still unknown, so a new deal was settled with belgian new label Soulreaper Rec. for a split 7"EP with also belgian ABORTED, but the label decided to do a Split MCD instead, so an extra song was recorded for this release, being a cover of PYREXIA's "The Uncreation" and was finally released in March 2000.

Then in November '99, a new offer was received from japanese label Macabre Mementos Rec. for a split CD with italian BASTARD SAINTS. This deal was accepted and then four new songs plus a cover of GOREAPHOBIA's "Demented Omen of Masochism" were recorded during the first days of the millennium, together with the PYREXIA cover. This Split CD was released in June 2000.

In January 2004, the US label Goregiastic Rec. contacted CHRIST DENIED for the release of a CD including all the non-album stuff by the band. This offer was accepted by the band so this way "Drink... Drink the Blood!" was finally released in April 2004 featuring the split CD, MCD & double 7"EP plus an unreleased re-recording of INFERNAL MAJESTY's "None Shall Defy" from '96 which was supposed to be on a tribute album due to come out through dutch label Displeased Rec. and never happened.

Since in October 2001 David Nigger moved to Germany, CHRIST DENIED entered in a lethargic state of which numerous times tried to resurrect, but in the end it never happened, so by mutual agreement, David Nigger gave his consent to Dave Rotten to try keeping the band alive with another member, so in November 2011, Roger from INFECTED FLESH was asked, and gladly accepted, to join in order to spread more blasphemies in the name of CHRIST… DENIED!!

However, due to Roger's commitment on the recordings of his own band's third album, the new compositions couldn't get started until late summer 2012 and it's now, after having 4 songs already written and with both members fully committed, when we can proudly announce what many lovers of Brutal Death have been claiming for years… CHRIST DENIED is back!!

Roger Infected is a reputed musician that has been spreading his Brutal Death sickness with INFECTED FLESH since 1997 and is a truly well connoisseur of the style, so it wasn't difficult for him to adapt himself to CHRIST DENIED's brand of old fashioned Brutal Death in the vein of bands like PYREXIA, IMPRECATION, SUFFOCATION, CRYPTOPSY… and in general anything that was created before year 2000.

CHRIST DENIED is now working on the composition of their 2nd full length album to be expected sometime in 2013, and everything under the blessing of David Nigger, who despite of not playing in the band anymore, we still consider him as an honorific member who's actually checking the development of the new songs to ensure that his legacy will be fairly perpetuated.

Right after the new album is written and recorded, some old songs will be recovered in order to create a set list that will be performed on the very first live shows ever to be played by CHRIST DENIED!! Yes, something that seemed it would never happen, so expect some of the sickest and definitely most unexpected live performances for a Brutal Death band. Where will be the very first show for the band?? Nobody knows, but one thing is sure: the band will only perform at very few and selected festivals. Always with only two members, which was, is and will always be the trademark of CHRIST DENIED!!


Release date Release name Media
2004 Drink... Drink the Blood! CD
1999 Split MCD w/ABORTED MC (TAPE)
1996 ...Got What He Deserved CD
1995 Thy Horned God DEMO, EP


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