"Are you gore enough?" That`s the question Portuguese death gore grind act HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL is asking you!

The dirty-minded bunch nicked its band name from a legendary cannibal exploitation horror flick from 1980 – that should be enough to give you an idea what their lyrics are mostly about. HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL will arrive OBSCENE EXTREME battlefield with their new opus "Gorefilia" ready for some neck breaking action. Celebrating 15 years of gore and blood tainted sperm, one of the most infamous death/grind acts from Portugal will present you with a set full of blasting energy, gore and insane stage performance. Being notorious for gory choreographies, deadly moshpits, controversial lyrics and imagery and most recently for some unexpected media coverage through national press, HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL will awake the beast that lies inside every one in the audience and promise to stay in your memory forever!!!


Hailing from Porto [Portugal], gathered in the fall of ’97 by Z. Pedro with the aim of creating the most brutal band in Portugal.

Unanimously considered the most extreme and well known Portuguese Death Gore Grind outfit on the scene today, the intentions of this band have always been the same… sheer ultimate brutality without compromising originality. Infamous for their awesome live shows with gore choreographies [mostly as headliner on underground festivals] and the absolutely sick covers [put even hardened eyes to a severe test], lead the band to quickly achieve a respected cult status in their native country as well as different other countries with a really strong and ever growing fan base. Holocausto Canibal released a demo (“oPus I”), three albums (“Gonorreia Visceral”, “Sublime Massacre Corpóreo”, and “Opus Genitalia”), “Morbosa Carnosidade Putrefacta” (split w/ Mixomatosis), “Visceral Massacre Memorabilia” (compilation) and numerous tributes (to the mighty legends Cock And Ball Torture, portuguese punk stars Mata-Ratos, Dead Infection, among many others) and several other releases through 14 different labels from coutries such as : Brasil, Colombia, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Portugal, United States, besides the fact that all releases were massively distributed worldwide. Holocausto Canibal were already featured in 8 tv reports about extreme music. Broadcasted in prime time by 10 different TV stations. This is a unique case concerning extreme music from Portugal, besides being also the only metal band that had been featured in a Big Brother show). Very active band performing live having appeared at several major European festivals, including: Fuck The Commerce VII and XI [Germany], Obscene Extreme 2005 (Czech Republic), Deathfeast Open Air 2008 (Germany), Caos Emergente 2003, 2004, 2007, 2009 (Portugal), Fekal Party v9.0 (Czech Republic), SWR Fest III, VI and X (Portugal), Antitrend Bizarre Leprous II (Czech Republic), Eaten Alive (Italy tour 2008), Confessions of Grindcore (Finnish Tour 2010), etc… being always able to perform extensive touring. In addition, Holocausto Canibal already performed more than 200 holocausts with bands such as: Abcess (us), Behemoth (pol), Benediction (uk), Cryptopsy (ca), Dead (de), Dead Infection (pl), Decrepit Birth (us), Deicide (us), Destroyer 666 (au), Destruction (de), Disgorge (us), Disgorge (mx), Entombed (se), Extreme Noise Terror (uk), Exodus (us), Finntroll (fi), General Surgery (se), Goratory (us), Haemorrhage (es), Hypocrisy (se), Immortal (nor), Incantation (us), Inquisition (us), Katatonia (se), Napalm Death (uk), Nasum (se), Necrophagia (us), Nuclear Assault (us), Obituary (us), Origin (us), Pungent Stench (at), Regurgitate (se), Sinister (nl), Vader (pl), Vital Remains (us), Watain (se), between many other names of world recognition. Holocausto Canibal already shared stages with more than 1000 different bands. Nowadays Holocausto Canibal consists of Z. Pedro (bass), Eduardo F. (guitars) and Diogo P. (drums), being assisted live by RIcardo S. (vocals) and António C. (guitars). 2012 marks the return of the bands to studio releases, since the highly anticipated opus “Gorefilia” will be released in April through Xtreem Music (world) and Rasing Legends Records/Raging Planet Records (Portugal). This new album will showcase HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL’s more brutal and intense, songwriting, with songs varying from one to three minutes without fillers, [with] influences from bands like CANNIBAL CORPSE, early DERANGED, NAPALM DEATH, SUFFOCATION, CARCASS.


Ricardo S. - vocals

Eduardo F. - guitars and vocals

Antonio C. - guitars

Z. Pedro - bass

Diogo P. - drums


Release date Release name Media
2012 "Gorefilia" CD
2008 "Visceral Massacre Memorabilia" CD
2006 "Opusgenitalia" CD
2002 "Sublime Massacre Corpóreo" CD


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