SETE STAR SEPT is a Japanese duo (bass and drums) that has been displaying great inventiveness in merciless audio terrorism since 2004.


They are masters of playing blasts of noisy grind, combining the deadliest elements of fastcore and harsh noise. Their songs assault you with loud noise, blast beats, noisegrind bass guitar attacks, and screams: all with a nihilistic, careless punk attitude that really fits with the music. They are the finest purveyors of avant-garde noisegrind in our age.


Sete Star Sept is a noisegrind band from Tokyo, Japan.


Sete Star Sept was started by Kiyasu (ex-The Endless Blockade) in 2004 in Japan. They began as a Gerogerigegege-influenced noisegrind band. The band's name, "Sete Star Sept, " comes from a term used in pachinko, "7 star 7.” It has no meaning. "Sete" and "Sept" mean “seven” in Portuguese and French respectively. In 2009, after appearing on various compilations, demos, and split releases, Sete Star Sept released their first album, "Revision Of Noise," on Fuck Yoga Records. Soon after, the lineup changed, with Kiyasu remaining on drums, and vocalist Kae taking on bass duties. In 2011, Sete Star Sept embarked on their “World Tour 2011,” playing many shows in the U.S. (on the east coast), Germany, Netherlands, China, Malaysia,Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and South Korea. During that tour, they released a 50-track, 10" vinyl EP called "Gero Me" (Rage For All). The cover artwork was designed by underground manga artist, Shintaro Kago. At the beginning of 2012, Sete Star Sept appeared on a split 7” EP with CSMD, titled "Shrimp Tie" (No Fucking Labels/Stockroom) and a split 7" EP with Penis Geyser (SPHC). From end of April to mid-May, 2012, Sete Star Sept toured the west coast of the United States, supported by Godstomper. A 3" vinyl EP, "Kaama Dhaatu," was released by Fuck Yoga/Idoneum Bello. The songs on “Kaama Dhaatu” were recorded on reel-to-reel tape in Amsterdam by Poda (Patareni) during their 2011 European tour. In August of 2012, Sete Star Sept toured Japan with U.S. noisecore band Penis Geyser, and released a 17-minute long, single track EP, "All is Wrong" on 8cm CD. In November, the "Vinyl Collection 2010-2012" CD was released by Fuck Yoga.


SETE STAR SEPT line-up >


Kae - vocals and bass

Kiyasu - drums


Release date Release name Media
2012 "All Is Wrong"
2012 "Kaama Dhaatu" EP
0 Split 7" EP with Madre Coca
0 Messenger Of The Darkness CD


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