Like the Swedish answer to NAPALM DEATH at their peak, Gävle grinders INFANTICIDE are a churning miasma of chugging guitars, driving drums and thick, rumbling bass.

Despite forming in 2002 and releasing crucial discs through underground titans like Emetic, 652 Thrash and Willowtip, INFANTICIDE have never the most active live band, but with a “secret” something being recorded and a date with ear-abuse planned at OBSCENE EXTREME 2013, things could be about to change...


Infanticide was started by Simon, Kristoffer, and Johan in 2002. Since then they have released two 7” records, one on Yellow Dog Records (“Lunacy”) and one on 625 Thrash (“Sonic Punishment”), two CD Albums, one on Emetic Records (Extinction Scheme”) and one on Willowtip Records (“From Our Cold Dead Hands”) The intention of the band has been and will always be to play oldschool grindcore in the vein of theold masters, Napalm Death, Terrorizer etc. Infanticide has played a few select shows outside of Sweden up until recently when they went out on a tour of the UK along with the ferocious Horsebastard in september 2012. Earlier this year the recruitment of a new bassplayer injected a lot of new energy into the band and made them hungrier than ever to hit the roads and stages hard. Infanticide has just released a split 7” with the band Dogtag on End Theory Records, and has another split with The Oily Menace scheduled for release in 2013. Right now new songs are being written for an upcoming album and preparations are being made to go on a tour of Europe, including playing OEF, in summer 2013 with Horsebastard.

Review of “From Our Cold, Dead Hands” from BLABBERMOUTH With the release of INFANTICIDE's new full-length, "From Our Cold Dead Hands", on the mighty Willowtip Records it is time for the rest of the world to find out what the diehards already knew about the Swedish act; the guys produce grindcore of the finest quality that'll sheer your face off. That is exactly what they've achieved with this album, all 21 tracks in 26 minutes of it.

Well oiled and pulled tighter than a trampoline, "From Our Cold Dead Hands" is the kind of album that has given Sweden its exemplary grindcore track record. It overwhelms with waves of terror, it maims without remorse, and it kills with precision in much the same way on albums from countrymen NASUM and American compatriots INSECT WARFARE, the genre definitiveness of the former and the maximum violence of the latter both evident on the album. But it is those crust beats of D that always sees to be coursing through INFANTICIDE's veins, sometimes subtle, sometimes more pronounced and always godlike. Whereas an album like PHOBIA's "22 Random Acts of Violence" (absolutely mandatory, by the way) features overt sections of d-beat hardcore, "From Our Cold Dead Hands" usually either incorporates it into the classic blast-or-bust grindcore approach or reveals it in sections (arrangement shifts, etc), although three consecutive rounds fired ("Under Dumhet Digna Hed", "A World of Opportunities", and "It Ends Here") do bring it up close and personal with some monster buzz-grooves to boot! Topping it all off is cover art that smacks of crust punk nihilism and is most appropriate in the context of INFANTICIDE's militant sociopolitical lyrics. Perhaps even more appropriate is that the artwork is CREDITED simply to "some overpaid asshole".

"Yeah, but what is 'From Our Cold Dead Hands' really all about?" you ask. It is about 26 minutes of blissful pain, just under a half hour of arousing aural torture, or nearly 30 minutes of teeth gritting, vein bulging, clenched fist brutality. Take your pick; you can't lose.

Line-up >

Kristoffer Löfgren – Drums

Simon Frid – Vocals

Kristofer Jankarls – Bass

Johan Malm – Guitar


Release date Release name Media
2012 Dogtag split 7” EP
2010 From Our Cold, Dead Hands. CD
2009 Sonic Punishment. 7" EP
2007 Extinction Scheme. CD
2004 Lunacy. 7" EP


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