Wedged somewhere between Scandinavian D-beat, rapid-fire hardcore fury, and hard-rocking, fist-pumping melodies, Sweden's MASSGRAV say it best with their most recent album – "Still The Kings".


Yes they fucking are! Stockholm's unstoppable punk rock three-piece MASSGRAV are going to tear into OBSCENE EXTREME 2013 like an angry mob through a police line to get the circle-pit spinning and thebeer flying skyward.


Formed in 1996 but suffering from drummer problems right from the start, the real story of Massgrav takes off in 2003 when the first 7", "Hatfylld & Nerpissad" is released, gaining the band notoriety for being fast as fuck, uncomfortably outspoken and good looking as hell. Being a classic "hate it or love it" band, Massgrav soon won the love of Sound Pollution USA, who went on to release all Massgrav full lenght and split full lenght releases until the label folded in the mid 2000s. Mixed in with their own releases, Massgrav has split releases with bands like Diskonto, Blood I Bleed, Yacöpsae and Widespread Bloodshed. In 2009, drummer problems once again plagued the band as two drummers had to leave the band within less than 18 months, leaving the world wondering whether the human body could withstand the abuse that drumming in Massgrav meant. Ever ready to spit in the face of adversity (and anyone else), Massgrav found a new and hopefully final drummer and returned in 2012 with the much acclaimed full length "Still the Kings" (Selfmadegod/D-takt & Råpunk). Having played all over Europe during the last ten years, newly returned from a trip to Brazil and currently preparing for an appearance at Baltimore's Maryland Death Fest, Massgrav are very much looking forward to returning to Obscene Extreme.


Release date Release name Media
2012 Still the Kings LP/CD CD, LP
2012 Too Fast for Ove Cassette
2010 Split-LP/CD w Blood I Bleed CD, LP
2008 This War Will be Won by Meat Eaters CD CD
2008 Pick your Queen - Split-7" w Widespread Bloodshed


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