Pull on your dancing shoes and hose off the vomit, grind 'n' roll death metal bastards MUCUPURULENT are going to teach you how to party your way out of the brutal hangover.


Forming in 1995 in Germany, MUCURULENT combine gutter-gurgling goregrind/pornogrind worship with grind'n'roll best evidenced on their groove-filled 2010 album 'MONSTERS OF CARNAGE' to create a brutal, low end take on the style - just how you like your party music at OBSCENE EXTREME!!!


Germany's flagship Grind `n Roller MUCUPURULENT grinding your groovy bones! Established in 1995 initially as a pure fun project, the three musicians developed to a constant force in the Grind scene. MUCUPURULENT now exists for 17 years, this highlights the claims of the band on steadi-ness and loyaltytowards what they are doing: playing Grind!


Shortly after the first musical attempts in playing extreme music, a demo tape with the unique title "Bizarre Tales Of The Abnormal" appeared and quickly reached cult status in the scene. So it was only a matter of time to sign the first record deal. This happened in 1996 with Sub-Zero Records, which released the equally iconic debut album "Sicko Baby". Until today the debut never lost its significance and shouldn't be missing in your personal Grind collection. Well, "Sicko Baby" was very well accepted from the upcoming Porn- and Gore Grind scene, so MUCUPURULENT released the successor album "Horny Like Hell" - the title says it all. Again, it shows the lyrical intentions of the trio in all clarity, demonstrated by the underground hymn "Zombie Squad 69". Due to this releases several live attacks followed: Morbide Festspiele, Obscene Extreme Festival, Support for the Grind Over Europe Tour and besides steady gigs in Germany, the band played sporadic shows in Europe. At that time MUCUPURULENT grinded the stages and the ears of the visitors together with noise commands like Dead Infection, Haemorrhage, Agathocles, Blood, Krabathor, Deranged, Dead, Atrocity, Orth, Postmortem, CSSO, Last Days Of Humanity, Disastrous Murmur, Nyctophobic, Mangled, GUT, Belching Beet, Totenmond, ... After "Horny Like Hell", MUCUPURULENT broke up with the old label and did some self-released demos and a split-7" and the trio used the subsequent time to set up an own recording studio. The first result was the 2002 release "Mucubelching Beats". It was a cooperation with the combo Belch-ing Beet and was released by Bizarre Leprous Records. "Mucubelching Beats" contains cover songs played in the MUCU-typical grind style. The songs are selected faves of both bands and reach from Tina Turner to Kyuss or Invisible Limits. So you could imagine that it's always fun listen to this album when you had a couple of beers and need some songs to shout along to. Since these records have become very convincing, the label Morbid Records became aware of these dedicated and determined grind band. The first result of the new collaboration was the third full length album "Soulreaver" and this was a logical extension of MUCU's previous work. Already heard on the "Horny" album, "Soulreaver" contains the Porn- and Gore roots and more and more elements of Grind 'n Roll. With the "Soulreaver" songs, MUCUPURULENT played festivals like the PartySan in 2003 and continued to achieve their respectable reputation as the Grind 'n Roll band from Germany! To date the only line-up change in the history of the band happened in 2005. After 10 years of grinding, a new drummer should bring the band stylistically and creatively another step forward. This can be heard on the release "Bloodstained Blues". The release perfectly combines the grind roots of the band with grooving Death 'n Roll and thereby the sound differs effortlessly from other genre typical grind bands. MUCUPURULENT have long since found their own unique sound, which stands out through the Rock Grind and is characterized by an extremely deep voice. This sound can also be heard on the latest release "Monsters Of Carnage". It's a Grind rocking groove monster and marks the current sound of the band. All over the years the cult status of MUCUPURULENT did not lost in importance, proved in 2005 with the "Sicko Baby" and "Bizarre Tales Of The Abnormal" re-release in the U.S. and the re-release of "Horny Like Hell" in 2011. After the U.S. release, MUCUPURULENT played the Maryland Deathfest and several club shows in the U.S. together with Pungent Stench in 2006. During the last five years MUCUPURULENT was never tired of grinding the clubs and festivals all over Europe. The latest festivals played in 2012 were the Bloodshed Festival, NRW Deathfest, From Dusk Till Dawn Festival, Arschcholio Festival and the Genital Festival. Although the style of the band changed through the years, they never forgot where they came from! So they respect their Porn- and Gore roots and therefore the MUCU Zombie Squad always enjoyed sharing the stage together with grinders from Rompeprop, Jig-Ai, Spasm, Cliteater, Sanity's Dawn, Rectal Smegma, GUT, Cock And Ball Torture, Ultimo Mondo Cannibale, 2 Minuta Dreka, Urinal Tribunal, Malignant Tumor, Fleshless, Hymen Holocaust, Goregast, Looking For An Answer, Accion Mutante, Grinding on and on and on and on......... Currently the trio is working in their rehearsal studio preparing songs for the next release which is planned for 2013 together with Italy's Porn grinders Ultimo Mondo Cannibale.




Serafino Scavo - Guitar

Grindmaster Flash - Guitar, Vocals

Kevin Gutman - Drums, Backing Vocals



Release date Release name Media
2013 Upcoming Split Release with Ultimo Mondo Cannibale
2012 Contribution on "A Tribute To Cock And Ball Torture" CD
2012 Contribution on "A Tribute To GUT" CD
2011 "Horny Like Hell" CD
2010 "Monsters Of Carnage" CD


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