A classic collision of British and Scandinavia crust punk traditions, St Peterberg, Russia's DISTRESS nailed their black flag to the mast with their 2004 demo "Fuck The System", and followed up with the blistering 2008 album "Progress Regress".

First hitting OBSCENE EXTREME in 2007, they've released a number of splits since then but with a new record on the way, "Life, Death...Rebirth" for release on Swedish label Halvfabrikat records, DISTRESS have their sights set on OBSCENE EXTREME 2013, so expect new songs, and that same old crust punk chaos!!!


The band was formed in the late of fall of 2003. Founded by four punx from first rehearsals they started to play loud and agressive primitive dis punk under the influence of DISCHARGE, THE VARUKERS and ANTI-CIMEX. Due to the different problems the band had no permanent line-up. Recorded two demos, one split release and some studio tracks they stopped his activity. Half a year in hiatus and they reorganized with new line-up in the beginning of 2007.Two old members plus two metalheads from local grind brigade E.V.A and new second guitarist started a new phase of DISTRESS history. Heavy metallic riffs added more power to the sound of dis beat. For the last six years the band played several european tours, once already played on Obscene Extreme fest during their tour in 2007, recorded several splits and now they`re preparing new album "Life, Death,...Rebirth".

Album will be releasing in the June of 2013 and performing during the upcoming summer tour. Welcome to our insane world. CRUST AS FUCK EXISTENCE!!


Release date Release name Media
2013 Life, Death,... Rebirth (upcoming album) LP Halvfabrikat Records, Up The Punx Records, Rawmantic Disasters, Totalpunk Records LP
2012 split `7 w/ FATUM (Rus) Gasmask Records, Miruus Levyt, Drunk With Power, Headnoise Records & Totalpunk Records
2010 split `10 w/ ESKATOLOGIA (Swe) Halvfabrikat Records, Svoboda Records, Totalpunk Records
2008 split CD w/ WHEEL OF DHARMA (Rus/Fin) Totalpunk Records CD
2007 split CD w/ SUBURBAN SHOWDOWN (USA) Headnoise Records, Totalpunk Records CD
2007 Progress / Regress CD (1st album) Totalpunk Records CD
2006 split `7 w/ DISKELMA (Fin) Kamaset Levyt Records, Acclaim Records
2005 split CD w/ KOMATOZ (Rus) Totalpunk Records CD
2004 Propaganda - The sea of blood (2nd demo) DEMO
2004 Fuck the system (1st demo) DEMO


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