No OBSCENE EXTREME is complete without some fast-as-fuck Swedish grindcore. They've been quiet for a few years – much to the anguish of grindfreaks everywhere – but 2013 will be their noisy awaking as GADGET prepare to unleash a d-beat-led death/grind explosion over the battlefield.

Releasing an utterly vital split with So Cal grind punks PHOBIA in 2010, GADGET are finally working on their follow-up to 2006's incinerating "The Funeral March" and if the new songs are half as good, they'll be better than most!!!


Sweden's GADGET has roots that trace back to the late 90's when GADGET existed as the grinding alter-ego of a hardcore band whose members, including GADGETs William Blackmon, simply switched instruments. This early version of GADGET existed long enough to record one demo and then disappear at the end of '98. But in late '99 the second coming of GADGET was starting to take place, this time with William on drums, guitar and vocals and Rikard Olsson och guitar and bass.

The duo tried out several drummers and bass players but couldn't find anyone who fit and thus remained a rehearsal space two-piece, and in March 2000, William and Rikard put their first material to the test. The duo recorded a ten song session and made a small run of tapes to hand out amongst friends. GADGET soon added vocalist Emil Englund and entered Studio Bandylimpa to record another six song promo tape. Shortly thereafter, the band was asked to contribute to a split 7' with EXHUMED on Relapse so they went back to Studio Bandylimpa in February 2001 to record. The recording turned out so well that it laid the groundwork of what would turn into a long-term relationship with Relapse Records and the band recorded again in July for what would become their contribution to the infamous Polar Grinder and Swedish Assault compilations (on Relapse and Putrid Filth Conspiracy respectively). This slew of splits and compilations staggered out over the better part of 2002 while the band wrote new material. William got stuck behind the drum kit and Fredrik Nygren of Swedish old school death squad SORCERY, joined in on bass. The band signed with Relapse in spring 2003 and entered Gothenburg's Phlat Planet Studios with producer Fredrik Rheinedahl (BURST, CROWPATH, ABANDON, etc.) in July to record their debut full-length, Remote. Shortly after the release the band hit the road and toured Europe, while writing and recording the follow up full-length, The Funeral March. The highly acclaimed self-produced album saw the light of day in May 2006 and the band has since then continuously toured Europe several times, and performed at festivals as Hellfest, Death Feast Open Air, Fuck the Commerce, Brutal Assault, Maryland Deathfest, Play Fast or Don't, to name a few. Influenced by everything from death- and black metal, hardcore punk, crust and even noise, doom and sludge, GADGET have made themselves a name on their own and is still, today, grinding on.


Emil: vocals

Fredrik: bass

Rikard: guitar

William: drums


Release date Release name Media
2012 The Funeral March, Relapse 2006, vinyl reissue on 7Degrees Records 2012 LP
2010 split LP/CD with PHOBIA, Power It Up/Haunted Hotel CD, LP
2004 Remote
2002 Swedish Assault CD
2002 Polargrinder LP
2001 split 7" with EXHUMED
2000 Promo December DEMO
2000 Demo 2000, early 2000 (duh!) DEMO


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