Small in number but powerful in sound, Austrian three-piece SIX-SCORE are the masters of stripped-down, fast-as-fuck blasting grindcore.


Playing their first show and releasing their first EP, "Maximum Gain By Efficient Use Of Affliction" at the same event in 2009, despite forming at the end of 2008, SIX-SCORE made up for lost time by D-beating and DIYing their way across Central Europe.


Releasing their first full-length "Drudge" themselves, they may not be able to do their first show all over again, but they can commemorate this one at OBSCENE EXTREME 2013 instead!!!


Six-score was founded somehwere between fall and the cold winter 2008 in Austria when three dudes decided that it would be the best to undercut the establishment by producing some earsplitting, mind-blasting and money-aristocracy-hating muSick. Influenced by deathmetal all the way to punk and everything in between, Domsch a member of "Discure“ on the Drums, his Brother Bene of „Nuclear Havoc" on the Base and Vocals and Hias on the Guitar, start to vent their anger through heavy and wrathful grindcore.


Release date Release name Media
2013 Split LP with Prosparity Denied LP
2010 „Drudge“ first Fulllength CD recorded 2010 in DIY Coop CD
2008 „Maximum gain by efficient use of affliction“ EP


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