“Four young men, one blasting fastness,” the UK's fast and nasty HORSEBASTARD are going to bring the stink of cider and violence to OBSCENE EXTREME 2013.

Formed 2011 in Liverpool, HORSEBASTARD got their shit together far quicker than many bands, taking their chaotic, grinding powerviolence across Britain and Europe with Swedish shredders INFANTICIDE, and planning/releasing a batch of splits.

Featuring an OEF veteran on vocals – EX of RETH and INTRORECTALGESTATION – you know what to expect...


Horsebastard are a 4 piece grindcore/blastcore band from Liverpool (UK) who play their own brand of "equestrian blastcore".Their musical style consists of short controlled bursts of blistering blastbeats and chaotic off-time melodies and rhythms, playing high notes off against low in a style reminiscent ofDiscordance Axis and Assuck, with flashings of Excruciating Terror. Blink and you will miss them!

A relatively young band, they played their first show in December 2010, in their home city of Liverpool. To date the band have released the “equestrian blastcore” demo cd (2011), later superseded by recordings at Vagrant Studios (UK) and have been placed on many compilations. They are expected to release a 4-way split 10” and split 7” record in the near future…


Bob - Guitar

Jonathan - Drums

Pete - Bass

Chris - Vocals


Release date Release name Media
2011 Equestrian Blastcore CD, DEMO


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Bob 10.12.2019 09:52

Might need to update this now :) Lots of records released since then :)