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It's been a quiet few years for Swiss brutalists MUMAKIL, but 2013 is when all of this changes – with a crushing new album "Flies Will Starve" on the horizon, and a triumphant return to OBSCENE EXTREME.


The Geneva quartet's crushing 2009 album, "Behold The Failure", was almost a prophecy – having changed two members since then, and their last OEF appearance in 2009, the guitarist was forced to play the entire set sitting down due to a broken leg! Suffice to say MUMAKIL have a lot of pent up energy, so expect their set at OBSCENE EXTREME 2013 to be an explosive new high for the the band's nearly 10-yearcareer.


Geneva – year 2004, 4 guys unite their strength to create a new war machine. Jerome (Nostromo, guitars) and Jeremy (Knut, bass) are motivated in playing together a brutal and in-your-face grindcore/death-metal. Basically, the main idea is to have fun and to play without any stress. Thomas (Sumpfucking, vocals) and Seb (Deceit, drums) join the army and Mumakil create their first songs in June 2004.


In November, Mumakil play their first show in Geneva, opening for Blockheads (from France) and grindcore heroes Nasum (from Örebro, Sweden). This concert is a total success. After that, Mumakil record their first demo in January 2005 in Jerome’s home-studio (aka Terrier 5) in Geneva. From January to March 2006, Mumakil get in Jerome’s studio to record their 1st album : “Customized Warfare”. 32 tracks of straight, tight, brutal grindcore. Mumakil released Customized Warfare as their 1st full-length on Overcome Records in October 2006. After that, they get on tour with Blockheads, from 19th to 28th October, in France. 2007: Mumakil continue to tour in France & Switzerland and leave to England for their very first UK TOUR (March 2007). After that, their label Overcome Records must cease its activities due to any structural and financial problems. Then Mumakil signs a deal with the Canadian label Caustic Rhythm (Prodisk) in order to repress Customized Warfare. Then Mumakil get back in studio to record several new songs which will appear on 3 new splits : split w/ Misery Index “Ruling Class Canceled” (on Power-it-up records) split w/ Inhume “Slimewave Series N°6” (on Relapse records) split w/ Blockheads “Night of the grinding dead” (Bones Brigade records) Several shows in 2007 and 2008 Mumakil release the second album "Behold the Failure" in the beginning of 2009 and have lot's of show all over Europe. 2010 Jeremy leave the band and Mumakil ask to Benjamin (ex-Stumpfucking) to take the bass. Unfortunately due to persistent wrist troubles Sebastien decided to leave the band too in 2012, Mumakil found one other drummer, Kevin Foley from Benighted! 2013, new line up, euro tour in march with our buddy from Afgrund and new album (Flies Will Starve) is released soon… So grind on baby !!!



Release date Release name Media
2009 Behold The Failure LP
2008 Split with BLOCKHEADS
2008 Complete Slimwave Series
2008 Split with Inhume, (cd et “7) Slimwave serie volume 6 CD
2007 Split with Misery Index, (cd et “7) Ruling Class Canceled CD


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