So this is a real grind mosh. If there is anyone around you who has not heard anything about the grind core style (is there anybody like this around you at all?), let them listen to any recording of this band and he or she will immediately understand. And what's that you will be playing? French hyperactive grind curettage called DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION. A band that is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary just next year. And they did manage a lot during that time.

Recordings and splits with bands such as Agathocles, Noisear, Strong Intention etc. Tours around the US, Europe, Russia and the Emirates. This band lives for grind! And you will be able to check it out at the Obscene Extreme Festival 2018!!!


DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION started in 2008 as a 4 piece, with the aim of grinding without borders.
In 2010 DOC started to hit the road hard with their first CD "L'école du Goût" in the pocket.

From this moment to now the band couldn't stop traveling through new countries, meet new people, and explore new musical directions.

Russia, USA, Europe, Emirates have been visited several times, and friendship with some serious bands as Strong Intention, Noisear, Agathocles and more have been immortalized in a couple of split Ep's.
2018 is the 10's years anniversary of the band, ready to ride the next decade, with new bassist Mad, originaly guitarist in Inhumate.

A lot of new projects in the next future, because Grind is Life.

Line Up:

Yohann > drums
Florian > guitar
Greg > double mic
Mad > bass


Release date Release name Media
2015 CD Split with Proletar 2015 Give Praise records CD
2014 CD Split with Total Fucking Destruction 2014 Kaotoxin records CD
2013 CD/LP Split with Agathocles 2013 Dooweet records/Give Praise records CD, LP
2012 CD/12" Split with Strong Intention 2012 Power it Up records/Give Praise records CD
2011 CD/7" Split with Noisear 2011 Power it Up records CD
2010 "L'école du Goût" CD


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