Mixing grinding powerviolence speed and noisy dissonant riffs, Ape Unit bring crazy pills of twisted punkish impact, inspired by well-known acts such as Terrorizer, Siege, early Napalm Death with sparks of insanity brought by bands like The Jesus Lizard, Arab on Radar and Shellac. A sick vortex of violence, fun and underground attitude! Featuring members of the Italian brutal death metal combo Septycal Gorge.

For the first time at OEF, this Italian grinding-violence quartet is ready to give the best for everyone in the audience! Short, fast and lethal like a premature ejaculation!!!


Born in Cuneo – Northern Italy – in Summer 2008, featuring two members of the well-known Italian brutal deathsters Septycal Gorge, Ape Unit has always been focused on producing an ignorant mix between hardcore-punk, noise, old school grindcore, sludge and powerviolence. After an appearance on some compilation, an EP, some line-up changes and some cool gigs in Italy and abroad (featuring great acts like Wormrot, Maruta, Jesus Ain’t In Poland, Tools of the Trade, Looking for an Answer and much more!), in September 2012 a DIY conspiracy allows the monkey collective to release their first album, Unforgivable Holidays: the quartet is now ready for breaking new boundaries.

Line up:

Alberto Cornero – guitars

Marco Losano – drums

Umberto Salvetti – bass

Mariano Soma – vocals


Release date Release name Media
2012 Unforgivable Holidays CD
2009 One song (“War in Miami”) on DeCOMPosed Compilation
2008 Albert EP


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