FUCK THE FACTS - Lenclume et le marteau


So chaotic has been the history and sound of Canadian grinders FUCK THE FACTS, that they've found it necessary to come up with two names for their sound – 'bastardised grindcore' and 'mullet-core'.

Three vocalists since founding in 1998 has contributed to a constantly evolving and progressive sound, taking in everything from jazz to disco, to progressive death metal to ambient.

Their most recent album "Die Miserable" (on RELAPSE), shows a band as true masters of their chaos, all thick riffs and freewheeling bass, still progressive and still furious, and set to grind your face off at OBSCENE EXTREME 2013.


Started as a recording project in the late 90’s, it wasn’t until 2001 that the work ethic that produced a slew of underground releases drove Fuck The Facts towards full band status and into the live arena. Since then, the Ottawa-based unit has barely stopped for a breath of reconsideration, associating themselves with some of the biggest labels in underground extreme music, as well as continuing a steady output of DIY releases. Having toured hundreds of thousands of kilometers throughout North America and Europe, guitarist/founder Topon Das, vocalist Mel Mongeon, drummer Mathieu Vilandré, bassist/vocalist Marc Bourgon, and guitarist Johnny Ibay have performed as some of the biggest festivals and sweated it out in some of the smallest basements. From 2006-2011 Fuck the Facts released three albums via underground powerhouse label, Relapse Records.  Upon the completion of their contract, the quintet decided it was time to put the finishing touches on the proverbial full-circle, returning to the world of fierce independence and creative control. Their most recent releases were produced entirely at their own studio, self-released, and shows Fuck The Facts efforts as an entity continuing to grow musically and personally while developing a deeper understanding of what significance their art holds to them. As one of the longest running and most recognizable names in Canadian Grindcore, FUCK THE FACTS continue to deliver their brand of "Bastardized Grindcore" with no end in sight.  


Release date Release name Media
2014 Abandoned EP
2013 Amer EP
2011 Die Miserable
2011 Misery EP
2010 Unnamed EP
2008 Disgorge Mexico
2008 Fuck The Facts / Leng Tch'e split
2008 Disgorge Mexico
2006 Stigmata High Five
2006 Stigmata High-Five
2005 Fuck The Facts / Mesrine split
2005 Fuck The Facts / Pleasant Valley split
2005 Legacy Of Hopelessness
2004 Legacy of Hopelessness
2004 Fuck The Facts / Subcut split
2003 Fuck The Facts / Feeble Minded split
2003 Fuck The Facts / Sergent Slaugter split
2002 Fuck The Facts / Sylvester Staline split
2002 Back Stabber Etiquette
2001 Mullet Fever
2001 Discoing The Dead


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