ESOTERIC United Kingdom



Get ready to start things off slow OBSCENE EXTREME, as English doom titans ESOTERIC bring the funeral misery to the DOOM FEST!!!

Formed in 1992 in Birmingham, while NAPALM DEATH were cranking out the speed, they took things down to a heartaching crawl. Signing to France's SEASON OF MIST for their fifth album, 2004's "Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum", the band's most recent epic, 2011's "Paragon of Dissonance", shows a band at the peak of their sweeping, funeral doom grandeur.



Release date Release name Media
2011 Paragon of Dissonance 2CD CD
2008 The Maniacal Vale 2CD CD
2004 Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum CD CD
1999 Metamorphogenesis CD
1997 The Pernicious Enigma CD
1994 Epistemological Despondency CD
1993 Esoteric Emotions - The Death of Ignorance Tape CD


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