Summon dark clouds over Trutnov for Finland's graverobbing death/doom cult HOODED MENACE.

The former PHLEGETHON duo (with live members) may only have come together in 2007, but sonically it's pure 1987 – when death metal was all about dread and evil and leather spikes, and less about solos, and they've the splits 7” releases with COFFINS and ASPHYX to prove it! With second full-length album "Effigies Of Evil" now out on RELAPSE records, HOODED MENACE may not be as fast as many of the bands at OBSCENE EXTREME 2013, but they're twice as heavy.


Hooded Menace was formed by Lasse (also known from the cult Finnish death metal band Phlegethon and death/grinders Vacant Coffin) in the summer of 2007. Very much influenced by the first Cathedral album, Winter, and Asphyx the band wanted to do play really doom-laden death metal that combined crushing and somber riffs with just a slight hint of melody that comes from their love for the early Candlemass albums from the 80's.

Lyric-wise the band drew inspiration from the classic 70's Spanish horror series the Blind Dead that included the films "Tombs of the Blind Dead", "Return of the Evil Dead", "Horror of the Zombies", and "Night of the Seagulls". The rotting, eyeless Templar knights who rode on horses and drank the blood of their victims had an influence on the music as well. Slow, heavy pacing of the undead Knights Templars is right there in the riffs, in the beats. Hooded Menace are looking to spread their music to fans of totally heavy and ultra-crushing doom and old school early 90's style death metal.


Release date Release name Media
2012 "Effigies of Evil" CD, LP
2012 "Necrotic Monuments" EP
2012 Hooded Menace/Horse Latitudes Split 12"EP EP
2011 Hooded Menace/Ilsa Split 12"EP EP
2011 Hooded Menace/Asphyx Split 7"EP EP


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