ZOMBIE INC. - The Rocking Dead


On a mission to turn OBSCENE EXTREME 2013 into that punk-rock cemetery scene from RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, death metallers ZOMBIE INC have risen from their graves to shred old school-style.

Stitched together in Austria in 2008 from the parts of current and EX members of BELPHEGOR, PUNGENT STENCH and FLESHCRAWL, this five-piece zombie horde quickly built a reputation for a fun live show and 90s-style guitar licks.

Say goodbye to your brains Trutnov, ZOMBIE INC are coming to get you!!!


Some might say that the best ideas are lying at the bottom of a glass of beer. And maybe this is exactly what Gerald Huber and Wolfgang Rothbauer thought in the year 2009. They were driven by the passion for Old School Death Metal and the dream to live a rockstar´s life how it should be. Enough of the endless hangover parties in the rehearsal room, enough of the lame crowded gigs and the semi-deaf audio engineers. Let´s become V.I.P.´s...

Immediately they found some fellows, who had the same intentions. Martin Schirenc, Daniel Lechner and Tomasz Janiszewski joined the group. Also an appropriate name was found very quickly. They all had a foible for long and nice walks, during brightest daylight, through the woods; ambitious literature and folksy evenings... so it was obvious.... ZOMBIE INC. With a lot of fresh energy they recorded a demotape (yep, the narrator isn´t wrong – it was an old re-recorded tape). Anyway… Massacre Records took the chance and signed these young ambassadors of Death Metal. In rapid succession the „A Dreadful Decease“-CD was released over Europe and the USA in 2011.

From now on they had to perform like there were no tomorrow and what happened while preparing their first gig can be seen on SEASON 1/EPISODE 01 of THE ROCKING DEAD „Challenge of the Undead“.

The following days, after the cruel and fiendish attack of the undead scum, were a big test for ZOMBIE INC. The small scratches, that no one had noticed before, became infected and it was quiet „unfunny“ as the bassist Daniel Lechner started, during a rehearsal, to chew off his own fingers, also Tomasz suddenly wanted to rip Wolfgang´s throat out. So they were chased out of the practice room.

Might this have been the end of ZOMBIE INC.´s road to success, fame and world domination...? So let me tell you something, my still living friend, NEVER!

So it came as it should be and Wolfgang met two very well educated fellas on his way to buy more tapes (for some real nice „Old School“ mixtapes)... blabla… small talk as usual and ZOMBIE INC. were complete again. From now on Martin Arzberger was shredding the bass and Florian Musil was penetrating the drum kit.

Also Gerald Huber found true love and married the Zombiebitch from EPISODE 1. A few concerts were played and nothing seemed to stop this band. Cover stories on magazines like the ROTTING BONE „ZOMBIE INC. BIGGER THAN JESUS?“ - an understatement, most would say. Photo stories in the „MONGO“ Magazine, including an exclusive interview with the Dr. Winter team about how close ZOMBIE INC. bond with their fans and how they handle the thousands of hysterical and pubescent groupies. But also the dirty side of the showbiz showed its ugly face as you can see at the last issue of the “CLYSTER”.

So the dream of living a rockstar´s life came true and the band was partying in the most exclusive nightclubs in Vienna. And again something terrible happened... but see it yourself in SEASON 1/EPISODE 02 of THE ROCKING DEAD „Horror fills this Hollow Earth“.

So after this involuntary gulp of the “Golden”- Champagne the whole horde turned into a bunch of brain-dead freaks. But also Zombies have to fulfill their duties and so they dragged themselves into the VATO LOCO studio again and brewed a disgusting piece of Death Metal entitled “HOMO GUSTICUS” which will be disgorged via Massacre Records on April 26th 2013.

So be warned, ZOMBIE INC. will continue their way, because it doesn´t matter if you´re dead or alive. Now there´s more space in their dead brains for musical brutality and dull violence, which will be displayed in their upcoming album. They also will climb the stages again and there will be bloodshed… Watch out for the next episode of THE ROCKING DEAD…


Release date Release name Media
2013 Homo Gusticus CD
2013 Resurrection Guaranteed Single CD
2011 A Dreadful Decease full-length


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