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THE KILL - Uphill Battle


While being both punishing and relentless the KILL still manage to show technical riff prowess few can match. Their brand of ear shreddingly brutal as fuck blast grind is like no other on the planet and has to be seen in the live forum to be truly appreciated.

We are proud and honored to be able to announce that THE KILL are definitely coming to Europe for very first time and debut at OEF mother fest! True Australian Grind! True Blast as Fuck!!!


In the year 2000 when OPENWOUND had come to an end, Both Jay and Roby started THE KILL with UNDINISM vocalist Neil. They recorded the first demo which was released in various formats.


THE KILL Demo 7” EP on 625 TRASH,


4way split 7” entitled “WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKS” with DAHMER (Quebec), NEEDFUL THINGS (Czech Republic) & LUCIFER D LARYNX (USA) on DRY RETCH RECORDS.

And numerous bootlegs were also floating about on CD & CDR.

During this time THE KILL played hundreds of shows & toured Australia, supporting numerous International acts, & headlining many shows.

After a little break, in 2004 THE KILL released "The Soundtrack To Your Violence" CD on NO ESCAPE RECORDS with Tony BLOOD DUSTER on vocals. Some of these tracks also appeared on a split 7" with BIRDFLESH (Sweden), Released through RSR.

NO ESCAPE RECORDS then went on to release “HATE SESSIONS” which included both “THE SOUNDTRACK TO YOUR VIOLENCE” & Self-titled DEMO on the one disc.

THE KILL then for the 2nd time split up for a few years and reformed 2008 with Nik from SUPER FUNHAPPY SLIDE on vocals.

In 2009 a live-to-air recording from PBS radio show "Burning Bitumen" called "BLAST BEAT’N THE SHIT OUTTA PBS" was released on CD via Roby's label BLASTASFUK RECORDS.

In 2010 THE KILL recorded about 20 new tracks for various split 7" EP's with CAPTAIN CLEANOFF (Aus), MORTALIZED (Japan) and THE COMMUNION (USA).

In 2011 THE KILL were offered to play MARYLAND DEATHFEST in Maryland, USA & toured the East Coastof America alongside NOISEAR (New Mexico). Prior to this THE KILL recorded 16 new tracks for a full length CD/LP.

In 2012 BLASTASFUK RECORDS released THE KILL – MAKE ‘EM SUFFER full length CD which has also been released on 12” LP in 2013 through TO LIVE A LIE RECORDS. TO LIVE A LIE RECORDS also released THE KILL/WHITE EYES (GERMANY) split 5” EP in 2012.

THE KILL recorded 6 tracks for a 3way split CD/LP with ANTIGAMA (Poland) & NOISEAR (New Mexico), Available on CD through SELFMADEGOD RECORDS.


Release date Release name Media
2014 Kill Them All CD


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