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ED - Downhill Massacre


A true hidden treasure of blistering Italian Hardcore delivered by young skaters from Bologna. Reviews say "Bologna skate punk thrashers on acid playing classic fast Italian hc meets old California punk meets BayArea thrashcore, those guys were in fantastic BANxTHIS!" ..and no description can give a better portrait.

Take the rocking energy and precision of RKL, Accüsed, Verbal Abuse, Circle Jerks and try to imagine how would it sound if crossovered with a touch of italian HC a la Indigesti. They have been around for 10+ years now and seeing them live is a real overdose of energy: furious fucked up bursts rarely clocking over 2 minutes ranging from direct simple Hardcore in the old school Italian tradition to the current days' Skate Thrashcore Punk with knee-splitting tempo changes, pummeling tight drumming and freaking great riffs.


ED is a punk hardcore band born in the winter between 2000 and 2001 in Bologna, Italy. Totally obessed by skateboarding and early 80's hc music, four 16 years old kids started this band just to make something during the rainy days. After some practices ED performed their first show at a punk festival in September 2001 and some weeks later they recorded their first demo ''Pensa a quanto può fare skifo questa società per averci ridotto a fare musica come questa...''. ED played a lot of shows in the north of Italy and in 2003 they recorded their second work ''Possibilità Deviate'' (Nuclear Chaos Rec.). In 2004 they released a 7'' split with Sumo, and in 2007 ED recorded their first LP ''Nailed to the Board'' (Agipunk Rec.). In 2009 they recorded ''Senza ragione'' EP 7", but after some months Mesca (drummer) left the band. With the new powerful friend Vinz at the skins, ED dedicated time to realize new songs and in 2011 they recorded 8 songs for ''Future Primitive'', released by FOAD records on CD also adding all the previous recordings.


Release date Release name Media
2013 Future primitive 12" EP
2012 Future primitive + old shit since 2003 CD
2009 Senza ragione 7" EP
2007 Nailed to the board 12" EP
2005 ED / Sumo Split 7" EP
2003 Possibilità deviate DEMO


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