Trutnov Battlefield under gore! All the grind freaks must be ready. Choose your sickest mask, prepare your best outfit and get ready to mosh hard for this groovy goregrind tsunami hailing from Italy. After 5 years, ULTIMO MONDO CANNIBALE will hit again the Obscene Extreme stage at OEF 2014!!!

Formed in 2005, after 2 full length CDs and some split releases, ULTIMO MONDO CANNIBALE is actually working on new CD that will be out later in 2014 for Rotten Roll Rex. Some European gigs and a Mexican tour are already planned for 2014 too.


Inspired by Italian horror movies and Impetigo, UMC was born in 2005 with Vito (bass and vox), Fra (guitar) and Piss (drums). At the beginning the band only played Impetigo's covers but soon they started making own stuff. The first 6 songs composed the first demo out in 2006. At the end of 2007, UMC started the recordings of new stuff which was totally in groovy goregrind style and in early 2008 the new songs formed the first full length CD "Pornokult" out for Rotten Roll Rex. At the beginning of 2009 another release was ready, a 7" EP split with Mixomatosis (Spa) out as a coproduction of different labels. Since October 2009 UMC has a new drummer, CristiANUS! First release of 2010 is a split CD with Facial Abuse (Swe) out for Hecatombe Records. Split CD with TPF (mex) in white digipack limited edition is out on Mierdas Prods in 2011. Second full length CD "Drink my milk" has been released on 16th august 2011 for Rotten Roll Rex. First release of 2012 is a split 7" EP with Spanish goregrind Tu Carne. First release of 2013 is a split CD with German pioneers of goregrind Mucupurulent out for Rotten Roll Rex. Actually the band is working on the 3rd full length which will be out via Rotten Roll Rex later in 2014. After some European festivals and tours (Obscene Extreme, Extremefest, Fekal Party, Morbide Festspiele, Zverovision and more) a Mexican tour is planned for 2014.


Release date Release name Media
2014 New full length CD planned later CD
2013 Split with Mucupurulent CD
2012 Split with Tu Carne EP
2011 "Drink my milk" CD
2011 A tribute to Gut pt.2 CD
2011 Bulldozer United a tribute to Cock and Ball Torture digipack CD
2011 split with T.P.F. (Mex) CD
2010 Split with Facial Abuse CD
2009 Obscene Extreme 2009 compilation CD
2009 Splatter Fetish 2 compilation CD
2008 Split with Mixomatosis 7" EP
2006 "Pornokult" CD
2006 Promo


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