TURBOKRIEG United States

TURBOKRIEG - Spider Jerusalem


This band is a proper all-star pack. Just imagine the outcome of the co-operation of people who came through bands like Insect Warfare, Nibiru, 50/50, War Master, Pretty Little Flower, Dissent etc.

Brutal thrashy grind in the style of Repulsion! Ask the members of Gride or Needful Things who have toured America with them!!!


In 2010 two METALLICA fans in Houston, Texas that were sick of their lame bands (PLF, INSECT WARFARE, MACHINEGUN ROMANTICS) got together and formed OBNOXIOUS VOMIT. Finding another METALLICA fan to perform vocals the name was changed to POWERMAD for their first show. After an intense meeting with NASA research and development scientists- the name was changed one final time to TURBOKRIEG and a second METALLICA fan guitarist was added. 2011 saw finally the addition of a METALLICA fan bassist for Türbo's first shows outside of Texas in a small tour with DISSENT and WAR MASTER. 2012 brought multiple record releases and tours with NEEDFUL THINGS in the US and GRIDE in Europe. 2013 repeated tours with GRIDE and WAR MASTER respectively. It also saw the sad departure of founding member METALLICA fan guitarist due to his inability to play fast as a result of carpal tunnel outlaw motorcycle riding syndrome. 2014 shall bring another European tour and Türbo’s first full length record celebrating Space City’s Mega-Speed METALLICA fans’ faith and worship of the Speed Kahn. Texas scene ripping ultracore hunks never die!


Release date Release name Media
2014 Kommie Kristmas split 7”flexi with THE SECRET PROSTITUTES EP
2013 Opiod Oscillation Overthruster Oratorio split 6” with GRIDE EP
2012 Charlybob Eurokrieg tour CD
2012 Türbokrieg EP
2012 Vivat Voltage EP
2012 Bayou City Blasters split with DISSENT LP
2011 No Sleep ‘Till Phoenix DEMO


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