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The finale is almost here. The band that fucking kicked ass of quite a few grind or hardcore fans in the last few years. ŠKODA 120 on the rise! The last album of theirs called Samorost is a quality hardcore/grind mosh and the live show of these veterans of the local scene is fucking straightforward too.

For sure one of the biggest surprises of the last few years. It is a damn great result after almost 20 years of existence! ŠKODA will play at Obscene Extreme for the first time again after 10 years!!!


Four-door sedan, seats four to five passengers, rear engine and rear wheel drive. Inline aluminium 4-cylinder OHV engine, capacity 1174 cm³, bore and stroke 72 mm, compression ratio 9.5, two-chamber Jikov carburettor, max. power 43 kW (58 hp) at 5200 rpm, max. torque 92 Nm at 3250 rpm. Four-stroke transmission, wheelbase 2400 mm, track 1280/1250 mm, exterior dimensions 4160x1595x1400 mm, weight 885 kg, top speed 140 km/h, acceleration 0-100 km/h: 18.4 s, one kilometre (0 – 1000 m) in 39.9 s. The strongest model of Skoda 105/120 line was LS. The LS had four headlamps and more luxurious equipment.

The picture shows an advertising photo of Skoda 120 LS where you can see atypical opening of the boot which was in the front. The bonnet was fixed by two hinges on the left side and opened to the side. The bonnet release was under the dashboard on the right side by the fellow passenger. The middle part under the front bumper was tilting, hiding the spare wheel, placed flatways under the boot. The radiator was at the front, the engine at the back, coolant volume was over 12 litres.


Release date Release name Media
2014 Škoda Attack split 7" w/ Carl Gut EP
2013 Samorost - live album LP
2012 Samorost CD
2012 Promo CD
2005 Experiment CD
2004 Promo CD
2001 Škoda 120 / Fuck the Facts - Split CD, MC (TAPE)
1999 HIV 69P DEMO
1999 Škoda 120 / Incurable - Split MC (TAPE)
1999 Demo I DEMO
1998 Toro Toro DEMO


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Velvet Revolution 13.11.2015 12:43

I did not expect to land on the Obscene Extreme site after a search for spare parts & service for the Jikov carburettors on my V8 Skoda. Although interesting & entertaining, from a technical point of view I found the article on this page absolutely useless. I suppose I will have to drive the damn thing to Trutnov in 2016 in order to gain the necessary understanding of this mechanism. There I will learn everything I need to know first hand, from experts. To Hell with the internet!